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October 2014

Salut! My name is Brandy. Please enjoy my works of literature! I've had this profile since 2006, but did not write anything worth keeping until 2010. I was on a roll, but I strayed away from writing upon starting college until now. I am still a part-time college girl and a part-time retail associate, but I have an unrelenting urge to write again. Hopefully, I'll be able to write something worth publishing here.

*Message me for any questions or comments!*

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My Interpals is: /brandykwells


1. Neff's Blackberry Jam - Humor - Humor/Adventure - Complete/One-Shot - K - An essay I wrote for English class. You had to have a character go to this annual festival and meet someone with a crazy story of why they are there. (Revised!)

2. Catcher in the Light - Young Adult - Drama/Romance - Complete/20 chapters - K - A story about a troubled girl who changes when she realizes how many special people are around her. This character may be modeled after me because I dealt with the same troubles, just not the dramatic part.

3. Rémy - Friendship - Friendship - Complete/Poem - K - This is a sonnet I wrote for English class about my dear pet rat. I love him with all my heart. (Tweaked!)

4. Letters to my Grandma - Young Adult - Romance/Drama - Complete/5 Chapters - K - I wrote this shortly after the death of a grandmother whom I enjoyed the company of. It is dedicated to her in a way and she passed away at 100 years old.

5. A Swimmer's Tail - Fantasy - Fantasy/Adventure - Complete/One-Shot - K - A tribute to the belief in mermaids. I don't personally believe that mermaids exist, but at the end I do point out a possibility or theory that I would not be surprised if it were true.

6. Wailing in the Night - Supernatural - Romance/Mystery - Complete/5 Chapters - K - A tribute, in a way, to the old 90's show: Beyond Belief Fact or Fiction. I wrote it after watching it on this late channel called Chiller. I loved the show as a kid and it is very entertaining for me that strange things can happen to people.

7. Beauty Marks - Fable - Romance/Fantasy - Complete/Long-Shot (4,000 words) - K - I've always wanted to write a fairytale and I thought of something interesting that nobody has written about so I gave it a go. (atleast I think I invented it first) This is my first Long-Shot and I think that I invented the word Long-Shot as well.

8. Dew Drops - Young Adult - Romance/Psychology/Drama - Complete/30 Chapters - T for type of audience - I wanted to write a series and a psychology drama, so here it is and I hope it ended well!

9. The Indoor Flower - Young Adult - Romance/Psychology/Humor - Complete/Long-Shot - K -I love reading about psychology and disorders people have because it's interesting to me. I never thought of writing about agoraphobia, but here it is! It has lots of funny parts and I enjoyed writing it.

10. Super Secret Trouble - Humor - Romance/Friendship/Humor - Complete/One-Shot - K - :) This was actually based on a personal experience... This is a way to get over it even though it happened when I was thirteen. I had real fun writing this just like The Indoor Flower because it was humor... 1st person... And just fun. It teaches a very important lesson: Girls, DON'T WRITE YOUR CRUSHES DOWN ON PAPER.

11. My Pet Bat - Fantasy - Friendship/Fantasy/Humor - Complete/10 Chapters - T for some violence - Um... Hah... I know there has been lots of Vampire stories coming out and suckish ones... In fact, but mine will be nothing like those and I am guaranteeing that it wont be suckish! :) Please Enjoy! (Revised!)

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