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Mitsugi's Rules for Good Living! =^_^= 1. Draw bishounen/bishoujo every day. 2. Play the flute. 3. Keep Wufei locked away in a little box under your bed so that no one else but you can ever ever touch him again!! BWAHAHAHAHA...ha...ha-a? =*= Eehee...hello there. Don't worry, folks, I'm only an escapee from an insane asylum on my days off.

All the fics you see under my name right now are *finished* except for Bridlewood Manor, which I hope is NEVER see, it's an ongoing fic with no visible end in sight. =^-^= Yes, I have too much free time, what's it to you?

THINGS I BELIEVE ARE TRUE AND JUST* ( a literary sense, naturally.) Quality over Quantity!!! I can't stress this enough. Better to spend a week polishing one fic than publish half a dozen crappy ones in the space of an hour. I also believe that Heero and Duo are, at the very LEAST, soul mates. In a word, chemistry. They're enough to send shivers up my spine, how about yours? =^_~= Lastly, Gundam Wing belongs to Sunrise/Bandai/Sotsu, but in the end, my stories belong to me, o-tay? =^-^= Don't make me sic my scrawny middle-aged lawyer on you.

Spandex melts at 480° Fahrenheit. Think about it.