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Dear Readers and Fans,

I am on Patreon https:///vanessaravencroft and on . The Inkitt thing didn't work out for many reasons. I am not getting into that here (You can check out my blog for that).

But here is where it all started and U will post the complete stories here as well as on SOL. Mostly to get more exposure.

If you like what you read you can become a Patreon patron and rad the latest chapters or if you like you can suport my writing via my gofund me page https:///f/galactic-chronicles-needs-editing

Vanessa Ravencroft



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Writing, the written word and reading are as important to me as air and food. I am truly thankful that you came to this site to learn more about me and perhaps even read some of my stories. Because I am a writer. A painter needs someone to see the artwork, an actor needs an audience and a musician needs listeners. And I as a writer need readers and that is the very reason I am posting my stories here on fiction Press. If I am a good or bad writer is alone for you to decide of course but It fills me with great pride to read your critique and comments. Each of your comments, each word is like a very special treasure to me. I want to thank you all from the very bottom of my heart for reading, maybe commenting and perhaps coming back to read some more.

For more information, you can go to: My Blog. Galactic Chronicles Wiki Lots of Background Info, Technical info and much more


My stories all occur in the same Universe. The background, Aliens, support characters will always be the same. The Worlds, the times and the main characters change. You do not have to read my stories in any particular sequence as they all self contained and hopefully make sense without having read any of the other books.



I signed a Publishing Contract, and can no longer update my stories on Free Websites. I have deleted all of my stories in the Galactic Chronicles Series. Eric Olafson, Space Pirate is an Amazon Best Seller and can be found on Amazon in print and eBook formats. The next in the series; Eric Olafson, Midshipman will be published Summer 2018.


You can continue to read some of my stories at my publishers website. Search for Inkitt or Vanessa Ravencroft on Google and you will find me.

For up to date news and announcements find me on FACEBOOK

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