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Hey I'm Amanda!

I basically write poems when I feel strongly enough about something, but I started writing a book almost two years ago, and I have yet to get to chapter 19. (By the way, Charlotte's Island is kinda crappy and 100 percent unrealistic, to be honest, so there is your warning.) Since then, I have started and completed two (short) books with sequels in-progress. One book and its partially-completed sequel should be below, and if they aren't and you would like to ready them, I will try to put them back up. Besides that, some of my poems are of people who have died, people who are sick, or getting over loss, but some are just thoughtful. I find that poetry helps me get feelings that I am not able to share with others, and that is why I started writing in the first place.

I live in sunny So Cal, my three older sisters have finally moved out, and I am still in college, almost graduated... Hopefully. I love to travel and I left the U.S. the summer of 2006 for Australia, but it was only a vacation, so I had to come back home after only sixteen days. It was hard to say good-bye.

The only kind of music I actually dislike is rap, but beyond than that, I'll listen to anything and everything. I am in my twenties, I have way too much homework, and my older sisters say I read too much, which I say is a complete lie. There aren't enough books in the world to be able to read too much.

As a side note, in case you haven't noticed from my works, I tend to change and re-alter my story lines depending if I need more or less information. I'll usually include the changes in an author's note at the top of a new chapter, but if I don't, and I confuse the heck out of you, just write to me and complain and I'll try not to piss you off again. Then again, I rarely check my e-mail, but I'll make an exception for you guys. (Only if you review my stuff, though. If not, I can make no promises.)

So PLEASE! (And yes, I did just bold and italicize that. I know, I know.) I am asking you to review my stuff, and if you do, I will give you a cookie. (Or a thanks, whichever I can get to you easier.) Hope you like everything that follows. :D

P.S.–For all you vampire buffs out there, read Shale Ridge! It is completed and all of the chapters are now up online (unlike Charlotte's Island). If you have already read that and are looking for more in the lives of Rachel or the others species of the undead, don't forget to look into the sequel to Shale Ridge (Obsessions). It only has a few chapters up so far, but please review them while you read (even if it's "Great Job!" or "These people are all idiots" . . . I don't care!) and give me some advice. Obsessions is now on a temporary hiatus, but don't let that discourage you from helping me out. I obviously need some encouragement if I don't have enough ideas to continue writing on it at the moment.

I'm also starting a new book, so look for that when it comes out. This one is about a different sort of Sci-Fi than I've been writing, so maybe I'll have a bit more luck in that field. It will also come with pictures on my profile to show you what my characters will look like. Here's hoping that some people might actually comment on that one. Cheers!

Favorite Music:

DBSK, Big Bang, Jim Brickman, Evanescence, Linkin Park, Avril Lavigne, Saving Jane, Secondhand Serenade, We The Kings, Bowling For Soup, Nickelback, Offspring, Michelle Branch, Plain White T's, Breathe Carolina, and other random artists that I can't think of right now. :)

Favorite Books:

Harry Potter, Twilight, the Sookie Stackhouse novels, the Vampire Academy series, the Eragon Inheritance Cycle, Song of the Lioness series, The Kiesha'ra series, Mortal Instrument Series, Hunger Games

Favorite Authors:

J.A. Jance, Christopher Paolini, Amelia Atwater Rhodes, J.K. Rowling, Nicholas Sparks, Mike Hamel, Dean Koontz

Random Quotes:

"To the world you may be one person, but to one person you may be the world." anonymous

"Live the life you have while creating the life of your dreams." my sister Shelly

"Life isn't about how to survive the storm, but how to dance in the rain!" anonymous

"Tomorrow's another day, and I'm thirsty anyway, so bring on the rain." JoDee Messina, 'Bring on the Rain'

"Hope is the denial. . .of reality." anonymous

“Friends are the family you choose for yourself.” anonymous

“Best friends listen to what you don’t say.” anonymous

"Music is perpetual, and only the hearing is intermittent." Thoreau

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