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NEW(As of 4/4/07): MIrrors Under the Family Tree has undergone a name change to something a bit easier to roll off the tongue, but you won't learn it for a while, so you'll find out when it's released. First it was finals and now it's APs, my time has officially been slaughtered. Chapter 5 of Mr. Anonymous may be up soon, but don't hold your breath, I've got a ways to go before spring break. Later.

NEW (ALONG time ago...): Thoughts of a Demon Writer has begun! Prepare to be horribly insulted and become learned at the same time!

Le Intro


Figuring that I may as well get this out of the way, I present you with my fairly poorly written and extremely unkempt profile page. Don't bother asking me to clean, I'm too much of a lazy punk to get anything productive out of the way unless it involves a large amount of LEGOs or creative text.

But the entire reason that I'm here is simply to share the ideas that somehow materialize themselves inside of my mind every now and then. They pass through a vigorous method of testing simply to see if each is capable of enduring mass amounts of punishment, mutilation and bullet wounds, ideas never remain the same throughout the entire thinking process. And I figured if I have so many ideas, it might as well only be the tough ones that get a shot at living.

But since ideas of one's imagination can never be truly described in a rational way to anybody else, you need to have the ability to express it. Since I couldn't draw if my life depended on it, the only real thing I could think of that could somehow be granted to the rest of the world and still be fairly reasonable was writing. And boy did I suck at that, too.

Since it was one of the only things I actually had the time, urge and patience to accomplish, I began writing my own stories, heaped up piles of text, looked back over time and said to myself, "This is a load of crap". With that I started over each time, and realized, slowly but surely, that my vocabulary was broadening, my symbology deepening and my ideas become wider and stronger than ever before. I was painting pictures with crappy ink and a six year old keyboard about as willing to cooperate as a pissed off mule.

Thus, I started my whole fanfiction business on, well, fanfiction dot com in March of 2006, and I do believe that my writing has undergone quite an improvement from the garbage that I use to blabble on about. But I don't stop learning things, every time (okay, every once in a while) that I randomly click on some reviewer's profile page link, I happen to read something that motivates, teaches, enrages, influences or just provokes enough thought to bring in some kind of overhaul over perspectives. It's often very hectic up here.

So here I am. There's not much now, but we do with what we've been dealed. And I think my hand's pretty damn good at the moment. So, read on.

Stories of My Creation

Mr. Anonymous: First true fiction I've posted, I haven't had such great luck on the technical scale, mainly because this site has a horrible pace when it comes to archiving and posting things, but I'm still fairly damn proud of it. Zachary Rendan is just some bummed out cop with enough problems as it is, but he's really stressed lately because there's been a string of murders at a nearby high school. Thing is, nobody knows who's doing it. Either that, or everybody's too afraid to say anything about it.

Thoughts of a Demon Writer (NEW!): Really not much I can say about it now, but it's an insightful look at just how one unique person sees the world. And how they can make it perfect (Actually ignore the word perfect and replace it with any of the following: "Tollerable", "Chaotic" or "Worse").

Stories of the Future

These stories all came to me nearly at once, but I can only type so fast.

52 Manslaughter: A deck of cards can really say a lot more than how much money you'll be walking home without tonight.

Mirrors Under the Family Tree: this might go hand in hand with Epiphany 7, or just replace it all together. Or Epiphany 7 might just become a part of Mr. Anonymous. Although I'm not really sure how that would work. Bleh. I can't really say much about this story right now, but it's gonna be BIG

These happen to be some of my favorite quotes. Read them and fill your minds with erudition and insight.

"The ironic thing about life is that hardly any of us ever make it out alive." -Unfortunately, I can't recall just where I happened to read this, but I find it profoundly true. If anybody know who said this first, I would greatly appreciate it if you could send me a private message with such information.

"A picture may be worth a thousand words, but a word can inspire a thousand pictures." -Curse my reasonably crappy memory, if only you wouldn't fail me so. As with above, any information on the orignal speaker of said sentence would make me deeply grateful.

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