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Hey, to whomever stumbled upon my profile!

Well to tell a bit about myself, I am a 22 year old female with a Bachelor's Degree in Communications under my belt! Though I try not to let my hectic life hinder my writing time, I do find it difficult. Still, I would be delighted if anyone dropped by and wrote a review or two on my stories, especially the ones that count!

I'm graduated, jobless, and cynically listening to politicians who don't understand, don't care, and will lead the nation in the same direction it's meant to go in! (Rant over.) Since I'm in a slump, writing, as always, will be my outlet. I've got penniless time on my hands now, so I'll try to have some stories up in the months to come. (Honestly, who the hell am I talking to? Does anyone ever read profiles?)

Ever found a real gem in a not so brilliant movie or novel? I have, and it's definitely going to show in my new, upcoming stories. My sister had recently bought the movie, Brothers, starring Tobey Mcguire, Jake Gynllenhall, and Natalie Portman. The script could have been tightened, along with the dramatic build-up and directing. The movie was still enjoyable, but the point I wish to make is that inspiration comes from anywhere. Truly, as tried and trite as it sounds. Anyway, I have this really gritty, fantastical, slice of life, dystopic(?) fiction coming up! Can't wait to share!

'09 Update: Recently, I've had many opportunities where inspiration's been seething into my everyday life. I guess it's time to say sayonara to my writers' block and lack of creativity. Summer's just about done in a few more weeks, and I'll be back in college with little time to update or write any of my stories. However, I've got plots and characters reeling around in my brain waiting to be released onto digital paper, they'll be making their grand debut whenever I do find the time and motivation to write about their lives. We'll see!

Since summer began, my interests have been piqued by high school dramas/romances. I think the genre in itself is pretty cliche, but for some reason, when I try to write one, I feel the safest in that category. Perhaps because I've experienced such issues that teens face nowadays, and describing and capturing such a vital aspect of life has come pretty easy to me. I usually go for protagonists who are weak, in the sense of trying to understand the world and people whom they must interact with. By the end of the story, they will have discovered enough to actually think in new and unique ways. Because trying to interpret the world and everything involved with it is like trying to read shakespeare with no guide or prior knowledge!

I do, however, try to make these high school fiction I write unique, with characters that are more close to actual people, and experiences that aren't overly implausible. I'm still a budding writer trying to find my place in the world of fiction, so I will try to experiment with all types of genres, but just for right now I'll be probably dishing out some high school romances. XD

Current Projects:

Wizards of St. Bernistades is my major project that I am currently working on. It is only the rough draft. Once I have completed the story, then I will worry about revision. I'm going into chapter 18!! Whoo-hoo!! I am setting the goal for this project to be completed by the middle of 2009, can I make it? As of now and until further notice, this story has been halted. Yes, again, I've hit the dissatisfaction and unimaginitive stage.

Whisper in the Four Winds This piece will have elements of fantasy in it, but it will mainly focus on the romance and drama. I am serious about this one, but I doubt I will be updating as often, due to Bernistades. So, the goal for completion here will be somewhere between the end of 2009 to the middle of 2010.

Update! This story has taken a turn . . . for the good! This will reach a wider broad scale than orginally planned, and it will even come with a new title! It will be released upon publication.

The Midnight Blue is another short project that I have been cooking up during my hiatus. I try to crank out chapters at my own pace and whenever I feel like escaping fantasy. It's a simple story about a girl and guy who rekindle their relationship despite their differences and what happened in the past between them. It's gonna be one rocky relationship! This one was written during my fascination with high school dramas(still in affect). I like the idea, but due to lack of reviews it will be updated on the whim here and there.

As for Beau Monde it's a more light-hearted, cliche approach to romance following Mana as she struggles through a materialistic society and blah blah blah. This may or may not be completed due to it being less important than others. I really liked the idea of Beau Monde, but the direction had gotten out of hand. I do plan to take this story down to revamp it. I want the theme to be a bit more darker, and downplay the popular boy meets quiet meloncholy girl so that it won't be the central plot.

Mana, the protagonist of the story, was by far one of the most human characters have I written. Her views of the world are a little warped, but she's very insightful because she thinks so much about things. I'm pretty proud of what I've done with her, and once the modifications of this story are completed, she will be as well, completed and, well, human!

Written Name is one I personally enjoyed writing. A bit mysterious, but you should be able to find the basic theme of the song. It's somewhat autobiographical.

Lone Star in the Night Sky is an easy read. Enough said really. Not even I know where this story will go! I wrote this on another whim, another high school drama sort. Very cliche, but I liked the characters in this one. Alex is quite the hunk!

Like The Rain focuses on two souls who have been jaded and cold as a result of abandonment and the loss of a loved one. When Mrs. Sullivan finally calls in her nephew Trigger due to her failing health and endangered delivery service, he and Vouna must learn to live and work together, and eventually love each other if they want to be saved from their hearts and its wall of ice. This is set in an alternate universe, in some ravaged land battling with the damaging effects of civil war. I love the idea, and once again, I will be reworking this plot.

That's all of the stories I have currently posted, so whoever is reading this, check them out! I've got many more to come, so look out!

Titles soon to come:

Dancing December-- Though recent fame has afforded Nicole a comfortable life filled with publicity and concerts, she's far from the perfect alternative rock star her fans percieve her as. Once a shy, low-esteemed teen, Nicole has bloomed into a confident woman with the help of her two best friends: Ryan and Chris. But when the two begin to vie for her affection that stemmed from high school, the tension rises and the rock band may be in trouble because of it. Nicole accepts the offer to star in an upcoming romance movie and the more she delves into her character, the more she realizes that her life is paralleled to it. What's a gal to do when she can't escape her own life?

With You Take the sky-- A tale of self-discovery against the backdrop of a Connecticut city. Alice finds that magic can also come in the form of healing and inspiration. Adrian Steiler takes no direct focus in his life, but it is through him that Alice learns to find strength in her surroundings and in herself to touch the sky.

I've one more upcoming story, but it's too early to divulge any real information. It's a drama/romance (another one, again??)

Peeves regarding this site and writing:

Since I can remember, fictionpress has always been the source of poorly written and just bad fiction, i.e. horrid grammar, poor plots, and just plain cliches... Well, I don't really mind cliches, just as long as they are at least presented in a unique way(ultimately, any story has cliche elements; that can't be helped). What really bugs me is that these are the stories that get most of the attention here, which has led me to believe that the majority of authors who occupy this site are young pre-teens, as I had been when I first joined. I'm not bashing anyone, it's just that it's very hard to receive a decent review for a decent story from decent authors. Reviews that simply say: Nice job! Please continue! shouldn't be regarded as reviews at all. I used to love when my ego was stroked and praised with such compliments, but now, I wish for people to start actually critiquing. What do you like? What don't you like? Why/Why not? I know, it sounds like an english essay, which could be the reason why people stray away from well-written pieces and authors who expect such critiquing. Once in a while, I do stumble upon well-written pieces and stories with potentials, but this site is riddled with the opposite. Hopefully, in the years to come, fictionpress will witness change.

I hate that I can never complete a story!

Who ever thought it was okay to post fanfiction on here? Declaring a published work as an A/U but based on another person's work does not make it original!

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