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A good story is something that makes you want to turn the page. The everpresent 'what-happens-next' dilemna. Stephen King is a master at enthralling you with the spell of 'what-happens-next'. So is J.K. Rowling. There are many good authors with that spell in their toolchest. In a way, I hope to someday be one of them. That feeling of 'oh I'll just read a couple more pages before I go to bed,' or the 'I won't be late for work, so I can fit just a few more pages in,' . It's a feeling that I want to capture with my writing.

My current story still has a long way to go... and like everything I've ever written, the true joy has been the journey itself.

I welcome you, the 'constant reader', to join me on this journey :-)


Some Useful Links
These are links to web resources that have proved invaluable to me in terms of writing and learning how to write in a manner that doesn't make me look stupid. :-)
Pen Tips by Suneagle - This guy's work is just brilliant. He's a well recognized author over on

Update 10/22/2014 - Wow, I should have waiting three more days so I could get a triple play with my updates! At any rate, things have been hectic in my life: Went to Tokyo twice in the last 3 years which gave me a lot of insight and ideas (for the record, Tokyo is AWESOME). Then I got married and got divorced, all within a single year. I should write about that nightmare experience, but I did end up with a genuine, pure-bred, Chinese alley cat. From Shanghai, no less. Seriously. My cat came from Shanghai.

At any rate, I've been reviewing Ghost Girl and considering my options. One of the glaring issues is the matter of technology. When I started writing GG (2005), smart phones weren't really a thing. Now my tech references in this futuristic story seem dated. I was sort of on track with tablets (data pads), but off base with the data uplink references. Suffice to say, I need to do some major rewrites. The whole "Working For A Living" story arc might end up on the cutting room floor since I'm woefully lost on where I was going with it. Well, I'm hoping to dust this story off and get back on track. I haven't decided if I will keep it up here on fiction press, or actually pursue the publishing route. I just had a friend self-publish her book and her hard work really inspired me. Plus, I still have the idea for that new story I mentioned in my last update. That may end up being an entirely published gig, but we'll see.

Anyway I will keep you all updated as I work on this.

Update 10/25/2011 - Speaking of irony, here I am posting an update exactly one year to the day from my last update. Still suffering from the same problems, ie. lack of focus, non-existent time, etc. Plus I've been having a brand new story bouncing around in my brain. I think I'd like to start writing that new story very soon, so Ghost Girl is officially on hiatus. I'll post up more details on that new story soon, but I've got a lot more work to do on it. Also, a good friend and fellow author named Bastion recently became a dad. He and I have been springboards for each other in terms of bouncing ideas. Now that dadhood has a hold on him, it's much harder to bounce ideas off of him. But still, I wish him a firm congratulations and good health to his family. We still email each other, so the idea bounces take much longer than they used to :-). You can read his outstanding work over on fanfiction dot net.

Update 10/25/2010- Heh, there's an irony here that's completely beyond my ability to grasp it. It's been more than a year since I last updated my fic, but it's not due to not trying. Life has been a major pain in the ass these last 13 months. Busted my ass at my previous company, then they let me and a bunch of other people go and completely cripple my department. My former boss was practically in tears since we were undermanned already. Then I started a new job back in July. Now this job I love. I'm now travelling 75 of the time which leaves me little time to get back to writing stuff. Believe me, the ideas are there. It's just been difficult to find the time and then FOCUS on the writing itself. On top of that, I've had this urge to completely rewrite Ghost Girl from the bottom up. The original story was decent insofar as I loved my characters. It was trying to keep a handle on where the story was going that was killing me. My problem is plotting. I really suck at it. Basically, I'm the guy who when painting a room just wants to get to the painting part. Never mind the annoying prep work before hand, like covering your furniture or taping off trim. I'm the same way when it comes to writing. I just want to get in there and write. Some people can write like this, like Stephen King is famous for just starting with an idea and letting the characters develop and tell him the story as he writes it. Sometimes you can actually see that development in some of his books. Unfortunately, I can't write like that no matter how hard I want to. Ghost Girl is a perfect example of that. The last few chapters I really lost track of the overall story.

So anyway, I'm thinking of a better, darker, more action/character driven plot for Ghost Girl. It would entail major revisions to the story, like timeline and location, but I think it will turn out to be a better overall story. Actually, while I'm here and writing this, I want to extend a thank you to the one negative review I received recently. I agree, my knowledge of genetics is pretty weak. I was having a hard time coming up with a good explanation and I became guilty of just 'making sht up'. As a writer, critical reviews are useful learning tools in becoming better at one's craft. Having someone point out that flaw is akin to having someone point out a leak in your boat. So thank you for pointing that out. I promise I'll research it a bit more and try to make it better during the rewrite.

So to sum up, I'm not dead. Ghost Girl is not technically dead. And I hope you all stick around for the next rev. Thanks for reading!

Update 9/23/2009 - Wow, exactly three years to the day from when I first published Ghost Girl I finally put up the next chapter! However, it's also been more than a year since I uploaded the last chapter. I really gotta get on the ball with this!

Update 7/26/2009 - Man, I really am a slacker! I've had some good ideas lately however, so I'm pecking away at them on the side. Life has been annoyingly busy. At any rate, the next chapter is almost done. Hopefully I'll have it up soon!

Update 4/17/2009 - I can't believe how long it's been since I last updated. I really must be some kind of slacker. I get these creative urges and write in spurts, then it seems to dry up for months. Believe me, I haven't given up on Yumiko and her tale, but it's been hard to properly organize my thoughts. I also lost my remaining cat this past December (I originally had two). He just was so sick, he could barely walk. I had to take him on his last ride to the vet. It broke my heart. I've also been questioning my story as a whole, wondering if there were ways to make it better plotwise. Barring a complete rewrite, (I've never really been a big fan of retconning) that would probably be a difficult undertaking. At any rate, I'm still working on this next chapter. Hopefully it will be ready soon.

Update 9/14/2008 - I've finally updated chapter 35 and uploaded chapter 38. Go me! I've also noticed that underlines don't seem to want to work anymore on here. Yet another annoying thing to deal with...

Update 5/27/2008 - I'm not dead yet. I've been busy between working on Ghost Girl and working on a SM fanfic over on Hopefully I'll have something to post up soon for a new chapter. It's been a rough five months, believe me.

Update 12/16/2007 - And so I FINALLY upload the latest chapter. Whew! It only took seven months. I've also resolved to go through the entire story and eliminate 90 percent of the '-chan's. After some serious thought, I realized that nobody would consistently address people like that unless they were considerably younger. Also, it just didn't feel natural. I had even studied the whole 'suffix' thing before even embarking on this story. I don't know what came over me. At any rate, my rewrite of chapter 35 is coming along. I may even have to split it up. That would force all the following chapters up a number and create the illusion of a brand new chapter being uploaded. I just wanted to forewarn ya.
To everyone who has reviewed so far and everyone that has added me to their watchlists, thank you for your faith and I hope I don't let you down.

Update 10/09/2007 - I can hardly believe it's been more than a year since I first published this. I intended to publish the next chapter a few months ago, but I wasn't happy with the storyline as it was going. So I took Stephen King's advice in his book On Writing... and took some time off from the story. Now I've been re-approaching it with fresher eyes than before and taking some time to expand on some stuff. I had always planned to go through the whole book and polish the chapters up, But now I found that I may rewrite a few. The most important rewrite that I'm working on is Chapter 35. I didn't like how I just glazed over the story of what happened that fateful night in Iraq, so now I'm actually WRITING it. It's helping me get a better handle on some characters, which is mucho cool. I hope to have that up really soon. That and I've been having this really bizarre idea in my head for another story consisting of a crossover with another anime series. It would be totally AU for both universes, but the way it's been forming in my mind, it's like it's screaming to be written. Granted, writing this type of fanfiction certainly doesn't feel like the most masculine thing in the world, but hey, that is the beauty of the internet. Anonymity. So except for you, the readers, and me, the writer, and my friends to whom I give the link to (who would tease me mercilessly if they knew, but that's what friends are for) who's to know?

On another note, I was listening to some Evanescence the other day, and it struck a chord in me. I thought to myself 'Gee, what would be the most angsty and cliched song I can think of that most reminded me of my main character?' Yup, "Wake Me Up" was the answer. I call it cliche and angsty because I've come across ton's of online fiction and fanfiction that seem to lean towards that song. It really is the epitome of teenage angst. It's almost like it was written for characters like Yumiko. I've even come across tons of -shudder- songfics. It's actually a fairly depressing song, when you think about it.

Update 7/26/2007 - I have been considering taking a course in writing. It's just been really difficult to properly organize my ideas. My current story arc has been suffering as a result while I try and figure out how to get my characters and story to their ultimate destinations. I am pleased and encouraged by some of the more recent reviews I've gotten, and I've finally figured out how this first book will end. But I'm getting ahead of myself, which is a little frustrating. The next chapter is still slowly taking shape and I hope to finish it soon. I really wish I could draw my characters, just so I could look at them while thinking about plot stuff. Alas, my drawing skills have deteriorated. If anyone who happens to be good at drawing in manga/anime style is interested, drop me a line!

Update 5/27/2007 - w00t!! I finally posted up the next chapter! It may seem a little rough, but that's because it is. I've also been slowly going over the previous chapters and fleshing things out a bit more. It's the perfectionist in me. At any rate, I thrive on reviews as they help me focus on improving my work. So please, review me. Good or bad.

Update 4/25/2007 - After some serious rewriting, and getting caught up in some really annoying and excessive nonsense at work (QA department is populated with assholes!) I've finally gotten back to working on this story. I'll admit, it's been seriously slow, and I feel like I'm letting people (like myself) down by not getting more chapters up. Fear not! I have not abandoned Yumiko or her world. She still has a lot more to say and do. Hopefully soon...

Update 3/20/2007 - w00t!! I've finally figured out where my storyline had fallen! All this time, and it was behind the couch! I hate the fact that it's been more than a month since my last chapter post, but now that I've found my muse once again, I intend on posting up the next chapter very soon! With any luck, before this weekend:-D

Update 3/8/2007 - Yeah I know, it's been awhile, but I am still working on the next chapter. I've been a little side-tracked by life and work, but I'm staying on the ball as much as I can. Anyways, please look forward to the next chapter. I know I do :-)

Update 2/22/2007 - And so I've updated Chapter 1 with a new, more polished version. I hope to do this with the rest of the chapters as well, but time will tell if people like the newer version better than the old. I'm actually quite pleased with the result. At any rate, I'm back at work on Chapter 36, so hopefully I'll have that ready soon.

Update 2/21/2007 - I received some really good pointers from some of the folks over at Based on their suggestions, I've decided to slowly polish up the previous chapters with more updated versions. I'm not changing the story or going for an epic rewrite, rather I'm fleshing some parts out more and adding more detail. I find that sometimes, polishing my previous stuff helps me come up with more ideas to put into my newer stuff. So I haven't stopped updating, I'm just adding an extra shine. Since this whole project has been like a second draft anyways, this just means it will be closer to a final release :-) But don't worry. I'm also working on the next chapter too. I hope to have that out soon.

Update 2/16/2007 - So I've begun posting Ghost Girl up on I figured the exposure couldn't hurt ;-) Their system set up is a little confusing at first, and it seems that everything is dependant on earning points by either reviewing stories or being reviewed. I'm kinda hoping I get a similar reaction to Ghost Girl over there as I have had so far here.

Update 2/12/2007 - And finally, I posted up Chapter 35. I'm fairly pleased with how this chapter turned out, despite some of it's more disturbing content... ;-)
A reviewer named Rya, (who has been fantastic with her reviews, thank you!) mentioned something called the SKOW awards... Can anyone fill me in on what these awards are?

Update 2/11/2007 - At last! I posted up Chapter 34. This chapter is still a little rough around the edges, and I know there isn't any Yumiko in it, but I felt it had to be told, if anything, to try and shed a little light on the motives of Rourke. The funny thing is, this particular event is probably going to be featured very prominently in another story I plan to write. I know it may seem a little short, but that is because I am working on multiple chapters at the same time, while trying to tie it all down into the main story. Kudos to whoever figures out where the chapter title came from... I felt it was fitting for Rourke :-)

Update 1/31/2007 - I was hoping to get chapter 34 posted up soon, but I had my cat die on me last week. It sort of drove all the creative energy out of my mind. However, I've been feeling the creative burn slowly rekindling, and I hope to get back to this chapter and finish it up in time to post by Saturday. I've gotten some really encouraging reviews for Ghost Girl so far, and to be honest, whenever I get a good review, it really heats the forge of my imagination and gets me excited to go on. So please, keep them coming! It feels good knowing I've succeeded in entertaining people with my work :-)

Update 1/10/2007- The next chapter will be posted by Saturday... thankfully. It's been a little slow going, but the story is now beginning to solidify in my head. I normally would prefer to post a new chapter every other week, but I've almost completely finished with all the previous material I had. Before, it was like I was working with a half-finished sculpture that just needed to be polished. Now I'm sculpting something brand new to accompany the previous work. I hope that analogy makes sense :-) At any rate, I haven't abandoned this project, as it is near and dear to my heart.

Update 12/30/2007 - I am hard at work on the next installment. It's taking me a little while because I've been exploring possibilities in the storyline as well as researching stuff. At any rate, I hope to have a new chapter up sometime next week. Until then, Happy New Year!

Update 12/17/2006 - The final chapter of the 'Summer Vacation' arc has finally been posted. In a way, I'm the most pleased with how this chapter turned out, and I'm excited to see what people think. I'm kinda hoping that more people will review. :-) However, I once again want to extend my thanks to the people who have reviewed 'Ghost Girl'. Without your support, It would have been extremely hard to get to this point. I'm a little apprehensive and at the same time excited about what I plan to write next, since it will be all new material. The whole story up to this point, was stuff that I wrote off and on over the past two years. I just fitted it all together and rewrote some things while adding new things to make the overall story flow. I'm really happy with the result. This whole story sort of plays out like some kick-ass movie in my head. :-D

On another note, I'm still looking to add stories to my C2. If anybody knows of any other worthy candidates, please let me know!

Update 12/09/2006 - I just posted up the second-to-last chapter of the current Ghost Girl story arc. I'm extremely pleased with how this arc turned out. I have one more chapter to post up, and I think it will be the most exciting! I haven't decided if this will be the end of this first book or not, or if I will simply continue onto the next story arc. I guess that depends on everyone's reaction to the end of this arc. Whatever may happen, I will continue with Yumiko's story.

I want to thank everyone who has stuck by this story and given me such outstanding reviews so far. Thank you very much! I'm glad you've been enjoying this. I would like to point out that reviews are like crack for writers. The more we get, the more we crave, so please, don't hold back. If you love the story, I wanna know. If you think I suck, I still wanna know. It makes us writers feel obligated to continue, and it gets the creative juices really flowing:-)

On another note, if anybody has any ideas for new characters, whether they be villians or just other students, I'm all ears. If I like your idea, I'll use it and credit you. Even if it's just a self-insert, I'd love to hear about it. I got a lot of big things planned for this story, and sometimes its just fun to mix in other people... That's probably why I love fan-fiction so much... :-D

Thanks again!


Update 12/06/2006 - Yes, I did remove the story excerpt that I had here. If you missed it, you're just gonna hafta wait until the full story gets published :-)
But I am not without mercy. Below is another excerpt from an upcoming story arc of Ghost Girl. It semi-introduces a character who will ultimately play a big part. I think he may turn out to be one of my scariest villians yet :-D

Death, in all its mystery, is inherently beautiful. It is the holy enigma that awaits everyone at the end of their lives. That final journey into the eternal oblivion.

The man in black sat in the brown armchair, a lit cigarette between his blood-soaked fingers. He mused over his handiwork. Blood had run into puddles on the carpeted floor, and the bodies were positioned, in proper formation, all around the room. The man took another drag on his cancer-stick as the setting sun cast its dying light across the crimson-stained room.

Killing. Was it really killing? Or was he merely shepherding the souls of the lost lambs back into God's embrace? He rubbed his hand along the brown upholstery, leaving a contrasting red smear over the brown cloth.

I am thy shepherd. He decided. It is my holy duty to help all wayward souls, not just the ones they tell me. He glanced at his bloody, cybernetic hands. And these, are thy rod and thy staff.

He thought about the happiness he felt when he opened up the little girl's stomach. The joy of freeing another lost soul. Her screams rang like choir music in his ears. Same as her mother, and her father, and her brother. They had all made such wonderful music, almost thanking him for releasing them from this tedious life. It made him feel warm inside. He felt he was doing God's work.

This isn't killing. This is emancipation.

He stood up and walked over to the wall, his bare feet leaving bloody footprints in their wake. The message must be written before his task is complete. The hiragana characters slowly took form as he worked his blood covered hand over the paneled wall.

Blessed are the dead, those who die in the Lord from this moment on.

When he finished, he snuffed his cigarette in the blue ashtray next to the armchair, then placed the butt into his pocket. He walked back through the puddles of blood and entered the bathroom where he rinsed the blood from his gleaming hands. He glanced at his reflection in the mirror.

I am doing God's work.

And God loves his children...

...For they will be free.

Update 12/04/2006 - I just recently started a C2 community... Here's the link:
The reason for this new C2 is because I've often come across really cool stories that in many ways remind me of Ghost Girl, and in some cases, they blow Ghost Girl out of the water! Therefore, I felt the need for a C2 to organize some of these great works.

Naturally, I can't find these stories now. If anyone sees a story that fits my criteria (manga/sci-fi/action story with a kick-ass lead female character, must be a minimum of 10k words... trying to avoid one-shots), or if you're interested in joining the staff, by all means, let me know. My email is I look forward to hearing from ya!


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