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Let us see. There is not much for me to say about myself that I am willing to post here. I am a lover of all the arts, especially music(and I mean music, not that junk of most of the radio channels). Reading consists of two-thirds of my day, so I thought I would give writing something a try.

I have had the idea in my mind for quite a while, although things have not really come together all that well. A lot of things will change in my one(and only ever one) story, which will, more than likely be a trilogy. I mean, what else could it possibly be? I LOVE it when people tell me things to improve on things, and I always do the same myself(unless, of course, I cannot find any).

I cannot say that I will update that often. I may do less than a lot of people, but I still do quite a lot with band and music. But I am on quite a lot reading others' stories and reveiwing.

If anybody wants to know specific things about me, then they can email, and I will deem whether I feel like dispensing that information. Who knows? Maybe I will put something actually useful on here.

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