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Hello my shy amoebas! This is Aili the crazy authoress speaking. Since you're reading this, I assume you want to know something about me. So, a few factoids:

Sex: Female

Religion: Don't have one yet

Favorite Subject: Drama

Favorite Music Genre: Probably Jrock, it changes a lot

Favorite Video Game: It's a war between Final Fantasy and Legend of Zelda

Favorite Movie: Whisper of the Heart

Favorite Food: Chocolate susan cookies

Favorite Kind of Cheese: Tillamook medium cheddar baby loaf

Favorite Story on this Site: Dragonflesh by Lccorp2

Favorite Pencil Lead Size: .05 mm

Hobbies: Reading, writing, drawing, acting, eating, sleeping, breathing

Current Personal Quote: "Oh please, she's not bleeding on the ballroom floor just for the attention." -Panic! At the Disco

Thought of the Day: Wishes aren't any good unless you do something about them.

Random Word of the Day: Trepidation

Current Theme Song: Dragostea Din Tei - O-Zone

Myuu . . . . well, I've finally expanded into original fiction, I was beginning to get bored with just writing fanfiction. That statement would probably piss off whatever fans I might have on , but oh well. Even though I'm working on like five fanfics at once . . . . yippee. See, this is what happens when I don't have internet access.

So, I have . . . . issues with updating on a regular basis. Which probably pissed off all my fans. I am sorry to anyone who finds one of my stories and eagerly anticipates the next chapter for years. That's happened. It isn't good. It isn't nice. It isn't fun. I swear I will at least try to post in an orderly fashion.

Stories I am working on:

Darkside - A very dark story, as if the title wasn't a clue. Started out as a dark comedy and ended up a depressing, angsty examination of morality . . . . but I love it still. Go figure. Semi-work in progress. Most of it I've already figured out, but I need to finish writing it all down.

Making the Grade: Title is EXTREMELY tentative. A much lighter tale than Darkside. Those who have read bits of it thus far think it's frickin' hilarious. I'm not so sure. Oh well, it works. Very, very much a work in progress. Be gentle. Please.

And that's about all I have to say. Ja ne all.


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