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What's up peeps?!? This is Krazy Kris and someone2. This is our first time writing fan fics, so please *both get down on their knees and beg* give us some slack. We live 2 hours away from each other and we are writing our stories totally by email and IM. Please read what we write and review.
someone2 here. I just put up a story that I am writing alone. Please read and review. Thanks!
*Not-so-New Notice* We have decided to change our email. The new email address ([email protected]) fits us better than our old one ([email protected]) did. Feel free to email us at either address both are being kept. Thanks!~someone2 and Krazy Kris
*Newer Notice* Kris here, I just want you to know that the stories on here are Someone2's alone, I do have a story and a couple of poems out but they are on a different Name, if you want to have a look, the screen name is Phalanx Dragon. Thanks ~K·K