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Responds to: K. R., Kyo (sometimes), and Itachi (around my friends)

Age: Fairly young, I suppose, but I was born middle-aged inside. Get off my lawn!! xD

Hobbies: Correcting people, writing, walking in the rain, listening to music, playing piano, guitar, bass clarinet, and regular clarinet (what? Well, not all at the same time! Jeez), and reading.

Talents: Annoying people, losing arguments with myself, seeing errors, hearing music in separate parts (being able to separate the instruments and repeat what I've heard), and reading very fast.

Likes: Rain, fire, wolves, GOOD music, looking at the night sky...

Dislikes: Too many to list. No, seriously. You don't want to hear it all.

My most prized possesion is: My framed Dir en Grey poster, signed by Toshiya, the bassist; it's awesome.

My Favorite:
Food is: Teriyaki chicken (the REAL stuff).
Element is: Fire.
Author is: Marcus Zusak.
Artists are: Dir en Grey, L'Arc~en~Ciel, Mozart, Dean Shostak, and Linkin Park. Yes, I'm versatile.
Color: Changes. Mostly, black. Sometimes, on perfect nights, the azure that the sky turns. I live in the mountains; it's hard to describe.
Manga is: Death Note.
Quote is: "I like it when people get angry at my lyrics. To me, it means they've learned something." --Translation of what Kyo told me when I met him, courtesy of Nora.

The source of my penname? Okay. There are a few, because I wouldn't name myself something for only one reason... First, and stupidest, it's a Dir en Grey song. "KR Cube" was one of the first Japanese songs I heard, so it's kind of a tribute to them. Second, my second inital and the second inital of my hero are K and R. Third, my real name sucks. Fourth, the initals can stand for Kiyote Rentagen, who is my favorite character from Truths So Hidden. And finally, at least for the first name, 'Kyo' is the chosen name of the vocalist from Dir en Grey.
The last name is the way it is because A) Japanese rocks, B) I wanted a name everyone would pronounce differently (and wrongly), and C) 'Ukido' was the original last name of Kyouten, from MONSTER, and he is my favorite character from that series.

All right. That's enough about me. I'll try and keep a nice list of everything I'm writing here.

Rush of Powder: Yes, it's up. I have three chapters written, so if I get any feedback it'll be updated soon. Oh, yes. It is a little bit shonen-ai-esque, so don't read if you don't like. I can't please everyone.

Truths So Hidden--Grr. I don't really know what to say, but it's driving me CRAZY. Sorry to my six readers. ; Yeah.

MONSTER: Not posted yet. I'm going to put up a few chapters and see what people think, then it'll quietly disappear. Just warning you; I'm not completing it on here.

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