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Hey everyone, its been awhile...ok maybe longer than that...

I'm still surprised about how many ppl have favourited, read and reviewed my work over the years, even with me not updating...

My absence was basically I went to uni...haha. When I first finished studying, and thought of returning to fictionpress, i thought I needed to star separate who I was when I was younger and now...


Hey all...

well i think i have left it long enough... And with a few good reviewers pointing at what i have seen also and it is only through my own laziness that i have not done anything about it. Which i should have as i want the readers to be able to read my stories without having to pause not because of how bad the story is.. but because they can't get pass the grammatical errors. And i am sorry for that, i understand how annoying it can be. I'm looking for a beta reader who can take my story Tipsy Turvy land and bring it up to the standard that it should always have been.

If there is a beta reader out their who wishes to help, I'll be extremely grateful.

many thanks

Free Fall

Im Nineteen years old, and have been writing for such a long time that i can't really remember when i started. The one i do remember writing wasn't that gud i believe it was about a fairy and a large bird... well i was six lol

I think its been like a year since i first discovered slash, i guess it was because i just got sick of the other romance stories and wanted a change, and it was also with that, that i actually started writing my own, which is why i created this account...


The Pack : Is a story that i recently started and hopefully i will have another chapter up soon...

The Monster Within: Is a re-post and i have 5 chapters of it... so I'll post them if anyone is interested?

Oysters and Snails: Hopefully i will have chapter 9 up soon...


Wow thanks everyone for the reiviews, the favourite stories and even favourite author and watchlist.
Sorry i haven't written any thing new for awhile, my life just got pretty busy. That doesn't mean i'm not truely grateful for all you guys for keeping on reviewing when i haven't been active.

Thanks guys and girls lol :)

If anyone wants a specific story updated just email and i will try and get that updated as soon as possible :)

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