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Well, what's there to say about me? I'm a 28-year-old reporter who loves to write, which works out well given what I do for a living, but I write more than just news articles. My favored genres are fantasy, horror and science fiction. As a few of you can tell, I have a thing for zombies. In addition to what's on this site, I've also written a screenplay to a zombie movie with a friend of mine. Funny thing is, I found this site entirely by accident while doing research for an article, but man am I glad I did. I'm meeting a whole slew of skilled writers, and the feedback I've gotten has been great.

You can expect much more undead-related stories in the future. I'll try to mix in some other work, but right now I'm trying to develop what I believe to be one of my major strengths.

Some of my favorite writers include Harry Turtledove, Max Brooks and Richard Knaak. I'm hoping to get some of my work published, so keep those reviews coming.

Update-Nov. 25, 2006- I've started posting chapters from a new novel I've begun called "The Graveyard Tales." It's a story on a worldwide zombie plague and a group of survivors and their quest to, well, survive. It's something I've been thinking a lot about lately and I have roughly the whole thing written in my head. I'm thinking of adding some phantasy elements (magic, zombies that retain their humanity) as things go on. Read what I've got and let me know what you think.

June 26, 2007- As some of you may have noticed, I've been a little remiss with the updates. I apologize for this. I recently started production on a short zombie movie (did you expect anything else), and this has consumed my time and energy. We're taking a break from the filming to edit what we have, and I may find the time to add some more stuff, but for now you're going to have to be patient.

Aug. 31, 2007- Hey again. I'm moving out of my house and into a swank new apartment in Boston, and it's going to take some time to get my new Internet connection up and running, so updates will be on hold for a while. But fear not, for I am working on a brand new zombie-related project, sort of a companion piece to The Graveyard Tales. Stay tuned for further details.

Oct. 20, 2007- Be sure to check out the next couple chapters of the Graveyard Tales. You're going to see the death of a major character, plus some old ones are going to be making a return apperance.

March 8, 2008- Hey all. You've probably noticed that updates on the Graveyard Tales have been few and far between lately. There are a lot of reasons for this, but suffice it to say, I'm working on correcting them. I've noticed that the last few chapters have been a little flakey, so I'm rereading my old stuff to try and relearn what made this story so great, because to be honest, my work seems to be a little subpar.

Oct. 29, 2008- I found out I've been nominated for best Dark Fic in the Time is Running out Awards, apparently started by a fan of Fictionpress. Just want to say thanks to the nominator, as well as a big thanks to all my fans. As we enter the final leg of this tale, I've been rereading the story to re-introduce myself to the characters, as well as spark an idea or two for the final chapters.

Dec. 4, 2008- Voting has begun for the Time is Running Out awards, so get over there and help the Graveyard Tales take home the top spot! http:///tiroawards/site.htm

Feb. 2, 2009- Sorry for the lack of updates people. My life as of late has become crazy busy. I'm preparing to leave for a month in the Philippines, but don't worry, new chapters will arrive upon my return. BTW, I just saw that The Graveyard Tales won Judge's Pick in the Time is Running Out Awards for best Dark Fic. I want to thank all my amazing fans who voted. Thank you all!!

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