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Hello all! My name is Kyle, I'm a high school graduate hopig to follow a career in writing. My biggest passion is writing manga style stories. Despite the lack of visuals, I absolutely love putting it in the anime format many manga readers lover to see. I am currently working on a project known as "The Element Chronicles." To be brutally honest that story has more of a design towards games than it does a manga. That is where my second project comes into play.

It has yet to be started, but the story, outline, purpose, etc, all have more of that story format you would find in many manga. So far the name has been undecided, but I'm liking the name Kreation. Until further notice that is all I can say for now.

Current Projects:

The Element Chronicles: A story based on a teenager who has entered the life of the abnormal, in which he weilds the powers of the elements. His allies, consisting of an android, summoner and species known as the Xoni, who ironically is a race sworn to be his enemy. He first embarks on a journey on his own home planet, earth, to hopefully protect those he loves against the horrifying race known as the Xoni. much awaits him and his party of unique individuals, but can he manage the strain of being an elementalist?

Kreation: (Note: Yet to be published) Meet Remmington, a typical young boy who lives the most simplist of lives. School, home, games, sleep. The four most basic elements in his life, however despite all his simplicities he has always been able to see beings of a different sort ever since he was a child. As he has witnessed, people of two different cultures have engaged each other in a sort of combat never seen before in the real world, however Rem's fimiliarity with these battles have desensitised him from the shock of thier appearance. Oddly enough they resemble much to what you see in his video game 'Section 2.' A game solely based on the typical long going war between sorcerers and warriors.

Upcoming Projects:

Love By Numbers: Years have passed and technology has advanced far too much. So much that even emotions and feelings have been rationed. Enter a world where your love of your life has already been predetermined by the stats of your very own personality. Are you a rank 5 type? meaning sensitive, or do you have feelings that can only amount up to a 7 on the feelings scale? Everything is now electronic, even you're own brain, and you can't help but feel the way they've programmed you to feel. However one person stands up above the rest due to his experintal side. Defying the laws of "Logic" this man proves that even the perfect match could be the worst downfall. Through love, hate, pain and courage, he makes a stand on what he believes to be true, and tries to assure many others that despite the numbers, you can still make it if you try.

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