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Update (27 November 2023)

I have no idea if anyone is ever going to check this profile again. But on the off chance someone does ...

Hi. A lot's happened since 2015.

I properly finished Chroma, I sent it out to several agents in 2019, and I got several rejections. I put Chroma aside, said, "I'll revisit it sometime." By that point I'd been working on it for 11 years. I needed break.

I sent out this other weird short story I'd written. It got published, then won an award.

I wrote more short stories.

And noticed that what I was writing now was nothing like Chroma. Came to the difficult realisation that I'm not a YA writer anymore. Maybe I will be again one day, but for now I'm really far away from that. We're talking gothic, folk horror, serious adult themes. So I've made the decision to leave Chroma where it is, printed and filed neatly, in the cabinet next to my desk. I don't think I'll try to publish it again. It's not indicative of my writing anymore, and it's also just very of it's time. The world has moved on.

If you're reading this, you're a die hard. I am so grateful for your support for Chroma over the years. I don't think I could have finished it if I didn't have the reviews to keep me going.

If you are interested in what my writing is like now, here's my linktree.

If you're like, "Please, Alora, I am only here for Chroma," then shoot me an email at alorabyoung@. I'll send you the Google Doc.

Thanks again.


Update (24 November 2015)

Chroma has been removed from FP.

Please PM me for further details or if you'd like an update on how the drafting/prospective publishing process is going!


Update (16 November 2013)

Chroma is complete. The full story will be posted soon. =))


Update (2012)

So this is a thing that happened.

Chroma was nominated for SKoW Best Drama.
Konstantine was nominated for SKoW Best Main Character Portrayal.
And I was nominated for SKoW Best Breakout Author.
SKoW is an FP Romance awards site that I've been a fan of for years now.
And they nominated me.
And then the readers voted, and Konstantine won best MC.
Which is incredible.
And I'm so thankful.


My name is Alora.
I'm US born and Australia raised.

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