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Hey guys!

Jade here. it's 2:23 in the morning. yay for insomnia.

honestly, i'm not much of a writer. sure, i'll jot things out during class when we're supposed to be taking notes (he he...short attention span) but those are mostly daydreams, nothing special.

I'm usually chock full of ideas and plots though...it's just making them interesting and detailed is what's hard for me. and i get bored with something after a while, so rarely finish anything...

I'm just your average teenage girl i guess. I have a few friends on here...one of which (who happens to be my best friend) somewhat made me join, so i could read her stories...but now i'm like addicted to reading people's work. thank her for that one lol

Anyways, I tend to get off subject, and i tend to type novels (ok, maybe i shouldn't say that seeing as the this is a book site lol but yeah) I laugh alot, and am insanly tickelish. I can be self-centered and gullible. i'm random, imaginative, and very emotional.

I have a massive temper, but, i don't show it often. i'm easily annoyed, and amused. i can be immature, but i'm fun (when i'm not in one of my "i hate everything...go die moods...that is).

i am insanly boy-crazy, and it leads me to get hurt...alot. it also leads me to hurt other people (you know who you are) I say things without thinking, and am sometimes, a little too honest. I make typos...alot.

and obviously, i have issues with ragging on myself alot. but i'm working on it.

what does this have to do with writing?...absolutly nothing. but, like i said...i'm not a writer. i babble too much and get way to distracted and off topic. i prefer to critique other's works anyways...(no i'm not massivly harsh...lol)

I'll just stick to singing.

P.S. I am now offering what little services I can to correct spelling and Punctuation...So message me if ya want my help!!!!

Idiotic me acidentally deleted my story...I am trying to upload it all...but hey..this time it will be better...cuz i'll put use some of the suggestions you guys gave me...(It sucks though, cuz it deleted all the wonderful reveiws and such...ACK...Jade's officially and idiot...lol

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