Prince of an Angel
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Hello my name is Andy. This is my nickname and is based off of my middle name Anderson. Anderson was my great grandfather's name and I like it much better than my first name. Anyway I have never really written before, and only got started about a year ago. And from there I worked on my writing style every day, sort of. Only in March 2007 did I start to write poetry a lot. So most of my works of art will not be that good, but I will get better. Right now most of my poems will at least have a reference to angels in them. I love angels and one specific one inspires me to write as good as I do. I am very shy and not that good looking, though my girlfriend says otherwise.

I like Anime and Manga. I like Naruto and Fullmetal Alchemist. I like to listen to music a lot, though I cannot write while listening to music for some strange reason. My favorite bands/artists are Nickelback, Billy Joel, Journey, and some others. As for songs I like Savin' Me, Animal I have become, Far Away, Chasing Cars, She's got a way, and many others. I am open to most kinds of music excpet rap. I cannot stand rap at all. I like writing obviously, especially poetry since everyone thinks I am pretty untalented in everything. I like to sleep and just let my mind wander aimlessly. I do not like to wait, and I am afraid of bugs, heights, and loud noises.

And now for my greatest love, Claire. I love her with all my heart and would not trade her for the world. She is funny, smart, beautiful, insane, and I would not have her anyother way. She is an Angel to me and my greatest inspiration. She is sweet and caring, and she loves me! So all other guys back off. I cannot show how much I love her in any way. Oh and she is an Angel, I don't care what anyone else says. And yes she is on here as well, though I should not give out her PenName, she might tackle me for that. And my dream is to be with her. (Her penname is Neverending, but don't tell her I told ya that.)

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