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Update: I'm at college... Yeah, it's pretty much eating up all my time. I'm sorry peeps. If I survive, I'll write. If I'm dead, that's gonna be a tricky one.

I really want to make a graphic novel. I have an idea in my head and of course it seems absolutely brilliant and beautiful in my head. Once I start trying to draw it, I'm going to hate it. And because of that fact, I'm afraid to start it. I got this Manga illustration program for Christmas. It didn't come with a manual. OR an online manual, OR a help website OR anything. So I've been teaching myself to use it. And since I have this stupid impossible graphic novel in my head, I don't know if I can concentrate on my stories. I should, since I don't know how to make a graphic novel, but that's me for ya. I'm still slowing working on FanFiction stuff too . . .I don't know why. No one reads that stuff, but once I start things, I feel like I have to finish it. But... I just got a new Mac, so maybe I can attempt the graphic novel after all, since it's "the artist's computer" or so I've heard.

I have finished my story . . . yeah, you should go read it if you haven't, though I'm still in the process of making it better.

And I started a new one . . .

And I have a one shot. It's cute, I hear

My life is actually pretty good right now. I'm so overly afraid of money that I will myself work when I don't need to, overly stressing myself out as I try to become greater than I really am and be seperated from everyone that takes care of me. I'm really doomed to die. Well everyone is, but I feel this one's gonna be an early death for me.

Profile: . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Right. About me . . . . . . . . . .

The mystery of my pen name: I'm a kid (I used to be under 18 . . .God . . .I don't feel like an adult. I'm a kid at heart.) with a cap (hat that's normally worn by baseball players. . . mines not a baseball cap but it's still a cap) "Kidwiththecap"

I am : A visual person. I usually think in pictures. Moving Pictures. . . a lot of them are animated . . .hmm . . . strange. So I'm very Artsy. I took 6 art classes one year . . . And now I'm going to an Art school. YEAH! And they have a barn, so I can be with my horseys once again!

Colors: Purple and Orange. Those are mine. As in they discribe me. Purple happens to be my favorite color. I don't really like orange. I don't really like myself sometimes, but I love purple and I love myself too. It's complicated. If you want me to explain it further (which you don't) send me a message

Zodiac Animal: Horse. What's weird is that I was obsessed with horses long before I knew. My personality goes with the horse too. I think it's cool.

Problems: many . . . oh me? 1.I'm really bad at spelling. And grammer too. I'd be lost with out my beta. 2. I'm veary stuborn and bull headed. But I don't mind that, it's the other's who do. 3. I'm . . . not very nice. Well, I'm blunt. That's it. I will not lie just to make you feel better. I don't want people doing it to me so I don't do it to them. A lot of people think I'm nice. If I'm being really nice to you it's probably because I don't like you, or I admire you so much that you make me uncomfortable so i have to be nice. 4 My thinking process is so strange no one understands me! If anything I say doesn't make sense, I'm sorry but it makes sense to me.

Personality: I think I have multiple. Some times I'm angry at people for no reason, then I'm making cookies for them and any one else who I see. (The random people always refuse though. Then I'm angry all over again.)

People I hate : It's a new one. I use to hate Kyle. I completely forgive him. Now it's Mrs. Twardy. (mini temper tantrum) I . . .don't like her. I mean, if I find some people annoying, but i REALLY hate her.

People I love: I love all you guys! People have so many problems! I like being mean to them.

Loyalties: I listen to know one but the voices in my head. . .

I have an acount of I've written 4 stories. 1 is about Digimon. Yes Digimon. The original charaters. I hated that they went away. That one -amazingly-is finished and I don't think it turned out half bad. 2nd is about Zelda. I've poured my heart and soul into that one and it makes me sad that the only ones who review me are people I personally know and have threaten them too. 3. Fruits Basket poem about Haru that will take 5 seconds to read and 4 is my actual fruitsbasket story. It has no plot really, but I think it's cute. My Page:

Extra: I'm a violent person. I am unusual calm while typeing this so I'm sorry you're missing out on that. I will fight you.

I'm Adorable-apparently. It's not even funny how many people have called me that. Must be my shortness . . . and hair. I have a lot of hair. That's it for now. I'll probably think of something when I'm hyper. Right now I'm tired. Stupid College. Who needs an education anyway?

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