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Hey everyone! The zebragirl is in da house!

Name: Unknown
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Birthday: 16 June
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Sex: Female

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Couples that I

Robin and Starfire (Teen Titans)
Raven and Beast boy (Teen Titans)
Cyborg and Bee (Teen Titans)
Jinx and Kid Flash (Teen Titans)
Xavier and Kitten (Teen Titans)
Speedy and Terra (Teen Titans)

Jean and Scott (X-Men)
Kitty and Lance (X-Men Evolution)
Kurt and Kitty (X-Men Evolution)
Rogue and Gambit (X-Men Evolution)
Rogue and Iceman (X-Men)
Storm and Logan (X-Men)
Bobby and Amara (X-Men Evolution)

Martin and Diana (Martin Mystery)
Phil and Keely (Phil of the Future)
Kim and Ron (Kim Possible)
Batman and Wonderwoman (Justice League)
Danny and Sam (Danny Phantom)
Katara and Zuko (Avatar the Last Airbender)
Raimundo and Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown)
Hermione and Ron (Harry Potter)
Ranma and Akane (Ranam 1/2)
Dick and Diana (Real Life)

Flora and Helia (Winx Club)
Musa and Riven (Winx Club)

Couples that I HATE

Raven and Robin (Teen titans)
Speedy and Starfire (Teen Titans)
Red X and Starfire (Teen Titans)
Blackfire and Robin (Teen Titans)
Starfire and BB (Teen Titans)
Cyborg and Starfire (Teen Titans)
Kitten and Robin (Teen Titans)

Jean and Logan (X-Men)
Ororo and Scott (X-Men)
Rogue and Scott (X-Men Evolution)
Rogue and Pyro (X-Men)

Hermione and Draco (Harry Potter)
Sam and Tucker (Danny Phantom)
Hermione and Harry (Harry Potter)
Omi and Kimiko (Xiaolin Showdown)
Katara and Aang (Avatar the last airbender)
Wonderwoman and Superman (Justice League)
Layla and Sky (Winx Club)
Ranma and Shampoo (Ranma 1/2)
John and Kat (Real Life)

If anyone knows anything about Ranma 1/2, please let me know!

I love writing stories as much as 'Behind-The-Midnight-Rose' does! She's a real friend...

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People asked me what the strongest thing is ever. Some, especially men, says it’s muscle that gives us strength, but I say otherwise... please R&R!
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