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Okay I said I'd update this when I had some time and nothing better to do so here I am. Downloading Bryan Adams songs and having 45 minutes to kill before work starts. Great huh? No work for another 45 minutes and then...ANOTHER DAY OFF TOMORROW! I've already had two in a row, God someone out there likes me!

So for all the newbies out there here's a bit about myself. My real name, of course, is NOT PikaSass, that's just a combination of my favourite Pokémon and a nickname I picked up when I was fourteen. Kinda backfired on the chick who used it to make fun of me, by the end of the year everyone was using Sass instead of Sarah cos it sounded cooler! Well yeah, it does sound cooler than Sarah. What the hell has this got to do with anything?! Sigh. I write Pokémon stories, more specifically twerpshipping ones, despite my experiment with egoshipping (which will never happen again, no matter what you say Gemma!) I've been watching Pokémon for nearly four years now. Four years! That's a bloody Olympiad, haha! I have most of the episodes taped - I'm pretty sure I've missed "For The Love of Brock" AGAIN - and I've spent so much money on merchandise. I'm a consumer! Ahhh!

An update on my works and stuff. As you can probably tell, I haven't been round much. I don't just mean on the computer, I mean even at my house. My family doesn't recognise me anymore, haha! My writing has been taking a sort of backseat to a social life and work, so I am very sorry about that. I can't help it. There is a reason and I'm going to ramble about it a bit below, lol. Plus some really bad news, Geo's computer has been hacked into and he's lost EVERYTHING, so until further notice TRRTI and DOTH are onhiatus. I'm sure it won't last long but if worse comes to worse I may have to write the next chapters, which wouldn't be a huge thing but I'm not sure, I need to talk to him about it. Geo if you're reading this (i.e if you're computer is behaving itself, lol) just wanna let ya know I can write the next ones if you want me to. And God I feel bad for you, losing all your stuff.

Okay so why I'm not on here much anymore...well the reason is - I'M IN LOVE!!! No, I'm serious, I am fully fledged in love. There is only one guy in my life, his name is David and I LOVE HIM! What's even better is that he loves me! So he takes up a bit of my time but I don't care. I want him to take up my time, lol. And I know he's currently reading Second Time Around (though I don't know WHY he is, he immensely dislikes Pokémon) so I just wanna say to him...I love you, I miss you, I can't WAIT to see you tonight and one day in the near future I'm gonna write something about you and put it up here for the whole world to see. Love ya loads groovy. ;)

Okay I'm sorry I'm rambling, but no one (especially a certain Pom living here, grr) has any idea how happy I have been lately. I will write about it, in fact I've already started something, and look, I swear to God I will get something up here soon enough. The last thing I need is people bombarding me with requests on when I'm gonna update. I'll get there. Good things take time.

Oh and one more thing before I go...DEATH TO THE K-BITCH!!! Grrrrrrr.

Anyways I'm off to work (yay, whatever, God I can't believe I'm closing AGAIN, there must be a human rights law against closing more than twice a week...) so everyone I want you all to stay cool, especially Geo just don't freak about the computer too much, AAML forever and DASL forever! The D and S is for David and Sarah, lol. NOT for Delia and Samuel, urgh, shudder. No I'm not a bloody eldershipper, haha!

Some people would call me pathetic. I like to call myself, for once in my life, HAPPY. Ciao darlings! ^_^

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