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I'm working on my stories before I post them. There's a lot of work to be done with all of them before I can even fathom posting them. I'll get there eventually on at least a few of them. I'm coming to the conclusions that others will most likely make their way into larger stories as subplots, because lack there of seems to be one of my bigger problems.

More? www.fictionpress.com/~asilvermidnight. They are more cliche and less likely to survive. But also more likely to be written.

Warning- at various given points in my life my favorite television shows have included One Tree Hill, Smallville, and Degrassi. Aside from the fact that this illustrates a penchant for the CW (not including Degrassi, which for the record, I would have followed religiously from the beginning had my mother not had a spasmic fit after Manny's thong episode. Considering I wasn't in the double digits yet, I guess you couldn't blame her. Anyone grossly farmilar with the show, this would give you a vague idea of my age. I'm was old enough to understand it without being ten. Take a wild stab kitties. Back to the point-), it also means my characters have a tendencies to go all out Melrose Place on you by being killed off, kidnapped, assaulted, robbed, blown up and resurrected while occasionally maintaining a witty composure when the mess isn't explosively suffocating them. Read- Drama, drama, drama. Translation- read at your own mental stability's risk. Although, I would like for it to be noted that some, yes some, will not be that completely chock full of heart-wrencher tear-your-hair-out craziness. Some of them might just be your regular ole' cliche -high school-esque drama. He kissed Kimberly! Say What? ookay.. nice weather? Anyways, I might label which ones aren't going to have at the very least a slight serious touch, but rule of thumb, none of them are under this usename. try my aforementioned alternative username.

My Stories:

(in any random order)

Mercy, My Love- In a society where glory and duty are everything, and the enemy is the temptation of what you can't have- defiance, by definition equates to death. But when would it be worth it? When an attractive prince is involved? What if you're his supposed assassin?

My Angel- Shea Davidson and Aden Parker broke up, but were still in love. They thought they still had time . . . oneshot

Chase This Light- A demon, cursed, a fallen angel. His redemption lies in a troubled, lonely 15 year old girl he's bound to protect by ancient magics. Dedicated to A Dark White Rose, who inspired the plot with a poem thingish. Which I can't find. FML

For Better, For Worse, Remeber Me Forever- What if you remeber something, but it never happened, and everyone else thinks you're insane. What if the one you love's life depends on the truth. What if someone loved you so much that they gave their soul for you, and you didn't even know it...?

Sister of My Past - Years after her disappearance, Ella reappears in her sister Tricia's life. Warped and dilluted, Ella is a mess, that Tricia is miserably failing to figure out how to decode, when suddenly Ella's mysterious husband appears.

Dreams- Becka has no idea that her recent nightmares could soon come true. And the next thing she knows she and her Jewish boyfriend, Isaiah are being forced into hidding by terrorists for their sematic sympathy. May the 2nd Holocaust begin . . .

Mercy, My Love-


Sister of my Past-

Tricia- Ella- Jerimiah




I'm contemplating not having any pictures at all, to allow any future readers the chance to picture the characters for themselves. We'll see.

It is easier to find men who will volunteer to die, than to find those who are willing to endure pain with patience


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