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for those who don't know testdrive from deviantART, She has an awesome manga/story called ASKARI

ASKARI (the story) or ASKARI (the first few manga pages)


Mar. 12, 08: Yes I changed my name again, sorry

Dec. 25, 07: Once again no update...cries i still am super grateful for the ones that update before christmas shower with luvs U GUYS KNOW UWHO U R/IS (actually only ever free update in my story alert XP)!! XD

Nov. 21, 07: Sniffuls today's meh b-day and no one updated...

hello! changed my pen name from shadowtailmon TT_TT

although i might change it back to keep my identity


i'm too lazy to make a profile here so u can use this link =P

i hav my friends here by the name of saiyuri archer and weedpeach


(feel free to suggest any work u would want me to work on although i bet u 100 percent u'll never see it within that year...)

it goes by top priority:

1. M E G Y:

One man missions can be fun, but three men missions can be better. Join Justin (aka KIRA), Peter (the one you mistook as a girl) and Ricky (free to yell at him though you might lose your voice) on their not so harmless and I think not so legal underground mercenaries, part-time jobs. How do you think they pay for college?

3. Off Balance!:

Summary not created yet

4. Alice for Hire:

Wonderland is a proud 100 percent gay club (actually 99.9 percent gasp!). The only problem is the waiters are always getting harassed. Their solution and hopefully a good one, is hire a girl! Look like Wonderland's going to be a complete set.

5. Random Fantasy:

Taki (name may be changed) just wanted to avenge his (i might change it to a girl...) swordmaster from the most dangerous and wanted mage of them all. So why is he now running from the law with the same man that killed him and wft a cat boy?

6. Ze Ringleader of Gothica:

Tales of an unusual gothic academy convinces a young ringleader to go back to school. When arriving at the academy, he find this rumor to be outdated and everyone now in this school is deary. Can he bring the madness this school was once famous for?

if you looked back, u can see number 2 is missing gasp

Nverment Data is actually number 2! XD

well it was first on my list, but this certain creepy guy keeps on asking on how i'm doing it which i've said is that i'm still working on it when the truth is (and i hope ur not reading this really creepy guy!) NONE!! i always end back at none TT_TT

i blame at my thought on it's suckie DX and deletes it...

usually the best or worst judge is the creater itself

so thx u for reading and authors remember to uPDATE!

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