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Hello folks, nice to be heard from! My name is Max or Rae (my full name is Maxine Rae but I REALLY hate that...) or Writing Fairy (my fanfic name) or TheHangerOfAbhorrantDislike, whichever you so prefer. I also have an account on fanfiction under Writing Fairy, if you wanna check that out, that is.

What I write (just so you know if you're interested in reading it or not...): I write a mixture of romance and adventure and drama. It's often something with just a twinge of good old fashion magic with a hint of romance and tons and tons of drama. Not a lot of it is 'real fiction' as in stuff people believe could seriously happen. Me? I dunno. Sometimes I wish there was more than just what the eye can see before it. I'm not crazy, I promise. At least not in like an I-need-medication-and-nice-men-in-white-jackets type crazy. lol. Anyway, I take a lot of pride in my work and I just want to know how to improve it and if the subjects are even mildly interesting. I love twisted plots and I have a huge infatuation with really awesome and foreboding cliffies. They give me a sense of confidence, because if people get impatient to know what's happening next, I know I've done my job, and I've done it well.

About me (a.k.a. stuff you don't really need to know...): I'm fifteen and in my sophomore year at high school. I hate Geometry and might not be able to update ALL the time because I'm always super busy, but I promise I'll update at LEAST twice a month. That is if any one cares. ; ) I'm pretty basic when it comes to looks: about 5'5 1/2, brown hair, brown eyes. Boring. I love the theatre and am trying out for the play, hopefully I'll make it. If I don't my work might get a little...depressed. But that's okay. I think. My dream is to have one of my books published but that's probably everyone's dream here, so whatever. Other than that, I'm thinking lawyer. I love to read and I am the hugest fan of country music. It's all I listen to. I have two dogs, who are totally my babies, Baxter and Bailey. Without my friends I would probably die, no joke. They are totally my rocks. I think that about does it with useless information. ; )

latest, funniest joke I've heard: Three angels wait at the Pearly gates to talk to Saint Peter. The first man comes up and Peter asks, "So, how did you die?"

"I had this feeling my wife was cheating on me so I came home early without telling her. 'Where is he?' I asked her, and she called back 'Where's who, darling?' but I searched the house anyway. I came out on the balcony and saw a man hanging from the ledge. I started kicking at him but he didn't let go so I went and picked up the refridgerator to drop it on him and the strain gave me a heart attack. And that's how I died." He told the angel.

"Okay, you can go inside." Peter allowed, the gates opened, he went in, and they closed. The second man came up and Peter asked, "So, how did you die?"

"Well, my cat got out of my apartment and I saw him over on the balcony across from mine so I jumped across. But I lost my balance and slipped, so I was hanging from the ledge. Then some crazy guy came out and started kicking me and when I didn't fall off he dropped a refrigerator on me. And that's how I died." The man explained.

"Alright, you can go inside." Saint Peter said. The gates opened, he went in, and the gates closed behind him. The third angel came up and Peter asked with a sigh, "Okay, so how did you die?"

The man still looked rather shocked from his death and Peter braced himself for a good one, "Imagine this," The angel began, "I'm naked in a refrigerator..."

Haha. I thought it was good one. PM me anytime if you think it's stupid or if you think it's funny or if you just don't get it. Whatever works. Joke courtesy of a good friend of mine, Q!!! (RoonilWazlib42 on fanfiction)

Funniest phrase one of my friends have said lately: P. Diddy's kids are P. Puffy Bite Size, P. Diddy Mini, and Puffa Diddy Diddy Pun Fun Size! I think it's from South Park... but I don't watch that show, so it was funny when my friend said it... Funniness Courtesy of TETC, TheEvilTrafficCone on and on here...

WILL TURNER IS HOTTER THAN CAPTAIN JACK SPARROW! And he isn't a pansy. My friend, Mulldy (16aqua on fanfic and Aquamarine-is-16 on here) disagrees but that's her problem.

My penname: Hangers are evil. Which is cool. So I am now a hanger of abhorrant dislike. Plain and simple. Which is really weird. AND is kinda the point. Hehe. I guess you really didn't need to know that either, but now you do! And there's nothing you can do to not remember it! Okay, lol. ; )

Wellz, I think that's about it for now. Ta!


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