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Here's a brief introduction about me...

TRUE NAME: Anne (I don't give out last names)
PEN-NAME: Sabertooth Kitty
AGE: late teens (looking for colleges...)
GENDER: female
HEIGHT: average
WEIGHT: a little tubby, to say the least
EYES: brown, w/ glasses
HAIR: brown/black and curly
HOME: Midwest, USA (no state or city)
BELIEFS: Christianity (non-denominational)
INTERESTS: reading, writing, drawing, listening to music
FAVE QUOTE: "There are days when it takes all you've got just to keep up with the losers..."

Now, with that set aside, let's focus on my writings...

I focus mainly within the realm of mythology, especially that of Egypt. In school, the only myths we were ever taught were Greek or Norse. Taking an interest in ancient Egypt, I studied up on the mythology. To this day, that interist remains.

Keep in mind, however, that it is NOT the religious aspects which draw me to it. Rather, my interest in the mythology comes from my home life- having grown up on a small farm, I also have a passion for animals. The very idea of a dog-headed man or cat-headed woman intrigues me! ^_^

As you might already know, this is why I rarely take an interest in Greek or Norse myths. That's not to say, however, that I do not like the creatures from these and other mythologies. ~_^

Here now is a listing of what to expect from me in my writings:


Anubis- jackal god of death (life story)
Bastet- cat goddess of joy (relations w/ other gods)
Horus- hawk god of vengeance (life story)
Ra- falcon god of the sun (relations w/ other gods)

Set- myth animal god of chaos (relations w/ other gods)
Thoth- ibis god of wisdom (relations w/ other gods)
Sehkmet- lioness goddess of war (relations w/ other gods)


Anubis/Bastet (personal favorite... ^-^)

DEMIGODS (children of main pantheon)

Kebehut (daughter of Anubis)
Maahes (son of Bastet)
Seshat (daughter of Thoth)
Nefertim (son of Ptah and Sehkmet)


Centaur (Greek- half man, half horse)
Griffen (Greek- eagle front-half, lion back-half)
Pheonix (Greek- firebird that rises from it's ashes)
Male Sphinx (Egyptian- lion w/ man's head)
Female Sphinx (Greek- lion w/ woman's head & breasts)
Harpy (Greek- vicious bird w/ woman's head)
Chimera (Greek- part lion, part goat, part snake)
Hippocampus (Greek- part horse, part fish)
Siren (Greek- alluring seductress, part bird)
Thunderbird (American Indian- great bird of thunder)
Unicorn (Indian- horse w/ spiraling horn on forehead)


Chiron- (Greek) The wise centaur that taught many heroes
Pegasus- (Greek) The horse with great wings
Cerebus- (Greek) The three-headed guard dog of the underworld
Fenris- (Norse) The great blood-thirsty wolf
Slepnir- (Norse) The eight-legged steed of Odin

Now, as far as stories...


For the time-being, ANUBIS has been put on haitus. I want to first go back and make some minor changes. In other words, it needs to be revamped first. I do plan to continue it some time in the future, so keep your eyes open...


I am having second thoughts on this story, but until I can find good reason not to continue it I will go on. Please review it, and tell me if any changes should be made.

MYTH 5000

This is the story I'm currently working on. If all goes well, I may even do a series based on the idea. In the meantime, I need to finish this project.


I have another myth story in the process called "Young Love". Yes, it's another love story, but there is an unusual twist of humor here as well. Look out for this one!


Questions? Comments? Story Suggestions?? EMAIL ME!

Also, I'm on MSN Messenger. If you'd like to chat about Egyptian mythology, contact me!

That's about it, so... enjoy my stories! ^_^

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