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Author has written 4 stories for General, and Humor.

By the way, if you're wondering, I'm Filipino. Because I know about Asian life, I incorporate it into my stories. I don't know a lot of the languages, but I do know a LOT of Tagalog, some Korean, and a bit of Japanese and Chinese. All my characters, unless specified, are Asian. :D

Status of Stories As of May 21, 2011:

Smiling At Each Other in McDonald's: I have little motivation to finish this. I'd mention how my style was changing, and it has. I don't think I'll be able to comfortably finish this because if I do, the story will seem awkward. I still have a lot of ideas for it in my head, but I just feel kind of eh when I start writing. Maybe it'll change, I dunno.

JJANG: I'll be honest and say that this is not at all on the forefront of my priorities. I've barely even looked at it since the summer. I know it's going to need a bit of tweaking to make it work since all the characters aren't very developed. The story wasn't organized when I wrote it, so everything's a bit messy. I might post the third chapter soon since I have a bit of stuff to put.

Whipped Cream: I have no plans of updating this because I have no ideas. Sorry. If you want more of Nico's antics and Ollie's anxiety, just read SAEOM; they show up a lot.

Test On Monday: This is a new story I wrote. I don't know if I'll post it soon, but it explores the character of Craig Smith, and to a lesser extent, his girlfriend Lucy Wu. It's pretty much just the back-story of their relationship. It takes place a year before SAEOM. I'm really taking my time with this because I really love it, so don't expect it soon. In fact, I may even try to get it published. Chances of that happening are very slim because LOL I'm only seventeen.

Anyhoos, here are some story ideas that are brewing in my head. The story ideas don't have names yet because I don't believe in giving wordless stories names.

Story Idea #1:
A superhero discovers another superhero attends her school. Chaos insues, including baristas and communism.

As you can see, this story will be full of crack. I haven't wrote anything for these, but yeah. I've already experimented on writing superhero stories. If you're a longtime reader (LOL), you might remember one story about a superhero named Brick, but I took that one down and deleted it after I realized how embarrassing it was.

Story Idea #2:
A girl is the last one to realize that the most popular guy in school is infatuated with her.

This may or may not sound like Smiling At Each Other In McDonald's. I really like naive characters. But I'll try to differentiate these two stories as much as I can. I already started with making one of the main characters a girl.

What My Characters Look Like:
These are mostly ulzzangs, and Wes (SAEOM) and Nico (Whipped Cream & SAEOM) are the only ones I have. I can't find the perfect image of anyone else.

Wes: Kim Jin
Nico: Song Ji Ho

Sort: Category . Published . Updated . Title . Words . Chapters . Reviews . Status .

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Discontinued for now.
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Whipped Cream reviews
“Are you always gonna take care of her until she dies?” I blink and look at Nico drooling. I grin. “Of course.”
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