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...What to say, what to say? Um...HEWO!! X3

Random Info About Me -In case anyone cared-

Name: Exclusive information

Age: 22 -as of the year of two thousand and twelve- -sigh- damn i'm old (-_-)

Sex: Female...last I checked -peeks down shirt- YEP! I'm a chick! XD

Occupation: Photographer at a portrait studio

Status: Happily in love with her boyfriend of a year and a half

Hobbies: Writing -obviously-, taking pictures, hanging with friends, sleeping, and eating X3 -yet I'm not obese XD-

Fav. Stories I've Published: Nolani Xeilyn: Beautiful Destruction, Forever My Heart, Puppy Love, Death By Sleep, Voices, and Hell's Sanctuary

Fav. TV Shows:Durarara!!!, Black Cat, Code Geass -drooling over Lelouch-, Family Guy, Shin Chan, Aqua Teen Hunger Force, Spongebob Squarepants, Gravitation, Bleach, School Rumble, Ouran Host Club -that's all I can think of at this time-

Fav. Classic Shows: Trigun, Yu Yu Hakusho, Rurouni Kenshin, Sailor Moon, Classic Pokemon -When there were only 150-, FLCL -Furi Kuri or Fooly Cooly-, Case Closed -Detective Conan-, Allegra's Window, Gullah Gullah Island, Bananas in Pajamas -and a lot of others-

Fav. Type of Music: Anything but country and opera -seriously I listen to everything from classical music to Japanese and Russian music-

Fav. Artist(s): Shinichi Osawa, Pogo, Miyavi, Gackt, The GazettE, Utada Hikaru, Kerli, Kinya Kotani, Yoko Kanno/everyone she works with, Enigma

Fav. Song: Our Song -Shinichi Osawa-; Main Street Electrical Parade -Shinichi Osawa Mix-; Dreamhunt; Don't Give It Up; Bangarang; Expialidocious; Mary's Magic; Alice; Ash; Girls, Be Ambitious; Hurt Me; Creepshow; Innocent Days; The Workout; Traces (Light and Weight); Light of Your Smile

Fav. Food: Almost anything XD -I can be fat XD-

Fav. Color(s): Black, Red, Blue, Silver


Uhhhhhh...I'm just a teenage girl who is random as OMG A MONKEY WITH A WRENCH...-mumbles- monkeywrench heheh...but um, yea I'm random -with a short attention span-. Most of the stories I write tend to be either inspired by songs, shows, or just some litte project derived of my perverted mind. I tend to write a lot of yaoi stories, so if you hate the idea of guy on guy, you'll hate my most of my stories. The reverse applies as well, if you love yaoi, then you'll adore my stories. I post on two other sites along with this, one more than the other. I hang out, work to get money, and write stories to corrupt those who aren't already corrupted.

I am currently playing around with my photography when I'm not working (-.-;). I am also losing my sanity to Kingdom Hearts II (re-rebeating it...only in Proud Mode this time), work, and more work. -sigh- Yes, my life has been devoured. Um...along with the ideas of my stories coming from life, the design for my characters come from my personal life.

Reita (Puppy Love): LIKE ME!! -giggles- I'm her hyper, childish, yet still have a mature side side!! Hehe X3

Yea, um...sometimes my characters like to talk outside of their stories. -Hotaru walks through with a coffee- Hey. -Hotaru leaves- -blink- Very unexpected.

Um...I don't like being 'normal' or the American Standard. I set my own standards because no one can be me better than me. And no one can tell me how to be me better than me. I say screw it to looking the way America wants me to. -Sorry for the language ahead of time but...- Fuck if America wants me to be under 110, I'm 120(ish) with a little pot belly -Hanataro comes in and rubs my belly then leaves. Suddenly feels violated- ...and I like it?? I don't care what people think of me or my style, they're not me so who cares if they like what I wear or do. Just don't wear or do it then!

Other than that, I don't discriminate against anyone for any reason. I love all people and I'll have your back no matter what unless you do something to make me feel otherwise about you. That's all I can really think of about me, so now if you don't mind, I have three people I need to talk to.

-Searches for Reita, Hotaru, and Hanataro- "Oh come here boys!" JA! X3

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