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Wow did you just read off your whole archive or something? Why yes...yes I did.

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Wow, did you just read off your whole WMP playlist or something? Why yes...yes I did.

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Neko girls are STILL awesome!

Other stories that I highly encourage the rest of you to read :

Nothing at this time, sorry!

Possible FP Projects, depends on my mood:

All My Highschoolers
Status - sorta half way done?
Taka Kusanagi just transfered into a new school. He makes some friends, he sees some strange things, and he almost dies. Some of the most prominant characters are Shia Ayami, Student Council President, Yuko Uchida, the mad scientist who wants nothing more than to propel mankind into an age of techno-inventions, Nina Morosawa, a girl Taka swears he's met but she doesn't remember a thing, Jun Nishimura, an android and walking encyclopedia, Mayumi Yamada, the defender of the school from ronin, Pipi Yoshimatsu, a magical girl, and many many others. In fact, Taka's goal is to get out of high school alive, preferably in one piece.

Status - Still working on the first chap
In a post apocolyptic future, there are two types of societies. The domes where nobles live lives of luxury without want or worry, the Reefs, and the run-down slums of communities that barely manage life in the futuristic wastleland of grey sky and black earth, the Trenches. For the Trenches to survive, there are special women called Nymphs that can provide them with endless water and food, as long as they're alive. Each Trench has a Nymph, and each Trench is always looking out for its best interests. Aqua Palace, home to the Aquamarines, was attacked by another Trench and their Nymph killed. After hearing that the Reefs have hundreds, maybe thousands of Nymphs, Jacob goes on a hunt to bring one back for his Trench. However, having a Nymph and fighting to stay alive are two different things. Even if a new nymph is brought back, there's always the possibility of a Trench attacking. And there's always the possibility, though rare, of a Reef attacking. For him, it's when, not if.

Avence Chronicles Book I: Prelude to the Gods
Status - Finished
In a place of monsters and magic, two kids named Cyrus and Ren leave their village in search of their parents. But along the way they run into Vince, a knight of Valins; Peregrine, the ultimate warrior of machine and magic; Fay, a child with hidden powers; Aymel, the newly awoken princess; and Krie, a feisty bounty hunter. But is it enough to avoid getting caught in the catastrophe of the coming war?

Avence Chronicles Book II: Dark Conflict
Status - Chap 1 is done lol
Continuation. Anything else would technically be a spoiler wouldn't it.

Avence Chronicles Book III: (working title)
Status - in my head
Some plot points here and there, nothing concrete.

Status - First third is done, I think
Armande is the most popular guy in the school. He's the soccer captain, a council member for the school, good-looking, and an all-around great guy. Katherine is considered trash. For her, each day in school is a gauntlet of cruel pranks, vicious taunting, and lonely moments of despair. But that's not what makes her strange. She sees things. She lives in two worlds, the other being a kind of armageddon city. Armande takes pity on Katherine and tries to confront her. What he gets is more confusion. But when Katherine needs his help, he's sucked into her dreamland to fight a monstrous machine she only refers to as the Catcher. Armande realizes her wasteland isn't a dream at all. In fact, its real enough to kill.

The Dream of Reality
Status - Finished
Vin is a writer down in the dumps. He's got a decent job, a decent place to live and decent friends. But when one of his characters comes to life, everything gets a little weirder. Aya, the bubbly personality that finds amusement in anything she can toy with, gets accustomed to her new home, his, but things only get more fantastic when the two of them are joined by Remi, the angel with the mouth of a sailor. Vin tries his best to get a grip on life, but Aya and Remi are only the start. In fact, Vin is no longer the writer, but rather a character in a story he no longer has control over.

The Dimensional Travels of Mimi
Status - I've got plot points here and there
Ever wonder what it would be like to see a weird background character in multiple unrelated stories? She doesn't think so. Making guest appearances in times and places she's not supposed to be in is half the fun. Her entire existence is like an inside joke.

Flight of the Manchester
Status - Posting as I write it, I think
Thomas is the captain of the Manchester, a flying ship with proppelers that move by steam, and large billowing sails that use wind. He's a treasure hunter and has sailed the world. Tina is a rich noble girl, prideful and self-righteous, who more or less stole away onto their ship when it landed near her city. She desires to fly, but must convince Thomas and the crew she's worth her weight.

The GAT Club
Status - finished
Art has just moved to a new city, enrolling into the local school. He's always avoided confrontations because of his powers, but finds it harder to do when he realizes other students weild similiar abilities. As he starts making new friends, he realizes the chasm between certain students. To make matters worse, he's confronted with the reason for his and everyone else's powers; their sole purpose is to participate in a game to defeat each other. With the allure of a wish granting whatever is desired, some of the other students begin attacking one another. How far will he go for the wish? And how far will his friends go?

The GAT Club Prequel (working title)
Status - first two full chaps are done
During the high middle ages, a game was revealed to dozens of players around the world. The one who finds the cards is granted a wish from the Orb of Desire, becoming the Wish Holder. In turn, Gates are created to oppose the Wish Holder and each other. The Dream Eater is the sentinel for the Orb of Desire. Lyle is a Gate who wishes to be a knight, but when he's humiliated, he wants nothing more to do with life. Ronya is also a Gate, a young girl who's deserted Kaliedescope, a special unit of assassins. When the two of them meet by chance, they almost kill one another. But as fate intervenes, they realize they don't even care for wishes. And as they travel together, they begin to see the reprecussions of the game. Just as many alliances that are formed are also betrayed. With fewer and fewer people to trust, Lyle and Ronya have to survive the game, with or without each other.

The Lady Mar
Status - It's about halfway done, sitting at about 60k words
Trace Wester is just an ordinary 27 year old captain of the smuggler ship, The Lady Mar. He and his crew do odd jobs for corporations, private clients, and sometimes the ruling militaries. But he's been stealing, collecting, and bargaining his way to the ultimate prize, a rumored alien artifact. When he finally finds it, neither him or the other crew mates can believe what it actually turns out to be...

Magic Appreciation Society
Status - Got 21 chapters done and I'm still going!
In the year 2040, a new dimension has been discovered, partially explored, given up on, sold to a private company, re-explored, colonized, is now the only location to find mana, the newest form of clean, efficient energy. The company that owns all of it is Utopia, overseen by the most advanced A.I. in the world, Dawn. They train and hire mages that use MAGIC or Material Generated through Intelligent Code to fight the monsters and creatures of Nirvana. The Magic Appreciation Society is one of many guilds that exist in Nirvana, but unlike other guilds, the Society is more concerned with retrieving a collection of items called the Six States of Being, which is shrouded in mystery. But to get all of the pieces, they have to delve into the conspiracies surrounding Earth and Nirvana, MAGIC and Utopia, and the A.I. Dawn and its rival, the Pro Human Faction.

Status - will be updated weekly, maybe?
Chiaki has always moved around a lot and to make matters worse, she's very timid and anti-social. But on her first day of a different new school, she makes a mess of things which earns her the attention of her first friend, Hoshi. Hoshi tells Chiaki that the Courage and Motivation Committee have ways to help students overcome fears and phobias. Chiaki is put off initially, but then is accidently dragged into one of their sessions. She finds herself in an alternate reality where the CMC members are challenged to a game of tag. After barely getting out, Chiaki learns that the CMC has the power to eliminate phobias. Chiaki joins the CMC and learns more about the other members, fear, courage, and what it means to make an impact on other people's lives.

Seraphim Crusade
Status - finished
Astral wants to change heaven. She gets her chance but loses and is labeled a traitor. Taking refuge on Earth, she finds Kyu, a college student who's biggest problem is deciding which classes to ditch so he can sleep. But once Kyu meets Astral, he finds her to be a very intriguing angel. Things appear to be going well until Astral is found by Seaphial, the leader of the Seraphim. Astral escapes to another plane using her scythe and eventually finds Yossele, a combat android, Valinth, a valkyrie with expectations, Mimi, a dimensional witch, and Jing, a Chinese monk in search of enlightenment. But even with her new cohorts, can Astral go back to Heaven to finish what she started?

With the help of Chibichocobo I was able to get back into the swing of writing Phobia. To the people who were reading it, I'm really sorry I didn't update it any longer. FP didn't tell me people were actually reading it. No email alerts or anything. So I feel really guilty about it and will start updating it again.

Last Update 8/14/12

I've found a good stopping point for Phobia. It is at the end of the first major story arc, the Allison Connors Arc. I have no idea how long Phobia will be in total, but I think there will be around 3 major story arcs. Since I have finished Phobia, for now, and wrapped things up neatly and foreshadowed other things neatly, I have since moved on to Magic Appreciation Society. It looks like it will be a very, very long story. I will start posting MAS once I find a beta reader to help me look it over. I have a couple helping me now, but I fear they are too busy with school work to keep up. I'm writing a chapter a day. So yes, it's too hard for them to keep up with my writing. Which I completely understand; I can write freakishly fast for freakish lengths of time.

If you would like to beta read Magic Appreciation Society, please PM me. It's an epic serious/action/adventure/sci-fi/fantasy/techno fantasy/political/drama/mystery/thriller/horror/tragedy/loss of innocence/betrayal/romance/harem sort of thing. I really, really can't peg a single genre for it. It has elements of all of them. If I don't get a beta reader for it I will probably post it so I can at least get some thoughts. So yes, that is my current project. I don't know when I'll stop; probably when my well of creative juices dries up and consequently kills the city using it for sustenance in a draught not seen for years so everyone has to migrate but they die and are buried in the sands of time until a later date when archeologist discover the well and find it replenished. But who knows how long that would take.

Last Update 8/30/12

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The Deadly Flower by Carmel March reviews
She's a strong, independent P.I. just trying to get through each day. Unbeknownst to her, she's dangerous to vampires. She gets sucked into their world when all vampires make a choice: kill her or turn her. Except for one. He wants to save her. [COMPLETE]
Fiction: Romance - Rated: T - English - Supernatural/Adventure - Chapters: 30 - Words: 167,828 - Reviews: 2301 - Favs: 1,231 - Follows: 1,053 - Updated: 1/21/2013 - Published: 2/27/2007 - Complete
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HETERO. An abused girl runs comes into contact with a sly Naga named Thanatos. The sea gives us many gifts, both good and bad but is this Naga a wonderful gift, or a horrible nightmare? Can she overcome her bad situation and unfreeze Thanatos' heart?
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Hao is a clone. To keep her away from real human, her creators send her to a special boardingschool...but with a goth chick, a vampire, an android, a talking doll, a catboy, doggirl...WHAT KIND OF SCHOOL IS THIS? FINAL CHAPTER UP! EXTRAS UP!
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Kaylee's in over her head. Tobias lives for revenge. Ariel hates himself. Christian's pining away for the unlovable. Nani has no life. Kian wants out. Sparkers Vs. Extinguishers; Dealers Vs. Mercinaries. Who will come out on top?
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The Games are slowly dying. But when an old legend is forced back from banishment is all still lost? Now Phoenix, never the type to rush selflessly to the rescue, must delve not only into the history of the Games but also her own desolate past.
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Welcome to the planet Sgimilear. Home of the b-WEAV production facility Lochda Enterprises, as well as some of its... Less legitimate research projects.
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Taken down. Apologies.
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This is a collection of ministorie oneshots that i write to chase off writter's block.Ministory 2 is here! Little Zion is a three,four peice short that i based offa' ChinoRavenStar's Blue Mist Chronicles. It's gritty and rough, so have fun peoples!
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Phobia reviews
Chiaki doesn't have the courage to make new friends. But through Hoshi, Chiaki joins the Courage and Motivation Committee where she, Hoshi, and other members help students overcome their fears by playing games in dreamlike alternate realities.
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