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Name: Not telling. Hmph.

Age: 31

Locale: East Coast


Dislikes: Angst, and people who don't like Christmas.

Neko girls are STILL awesome!

I've been writing for a long time now, and have written many stories across many genres. I graduated from Purdue University with a Bachelors in Creative Writing and try my absolute hardest to reflect that in reviews. And even then, many of my reviews are still subdued. I really wish I could just read a chapter and say "Nice work, lftnc" but I just can't. My brain won't let me. Maybe I truly feel passionate about helping less experienced writers polish their work until it gleams in the sun. Maybe I just get off to telling people what to do.

My favorite stories to read and write are fantasy and science fiction. Still, I like to read all kinds of things just to see what an author was trying to accomplish. I tend to read new works, or stories with only a handful of reviews because no one wants to be the guy (or girl) that spent all this work writing something and then no one reviews the story. Well, lots of stories are very amateurish, but keep it up! Write, write and write some more! Make sure to proofread it too!

I enjoy anime as much as the next guy (or girl) and have been watching most of the stuff that comes out of Japan. I've also been watching anime since the days of Robotech and Sailor Moon on Toonami when it was run by Moltor on Cartoon Network. Long time ago, I know. So I won't list all my favorites, but most recently, I'd have to say that I really really love Girls Und Panzer, Yuyushiki, and Non Non Biyori. I think I watch Non Non Biyori once a freakin month cause its so good, and the others maybe once every few months. I like action stuff too and Strike the Blood was really great. So was Tokyo Ravens and Walkure Romance. I've started a small manga collection and have been collecting, ARIA (Best anime and manga I've ever read, hands down, if I had nothing to my name but the clothes on my back, I would bring this one too) Ninja Girls, Omamori Himari, and a really, really funny series called Monster Musume. It reminds me of Yuria Type 100 which is damn funny. Ecchi, but funny.

Maybe I'll add more about myself when I'm bored. Thanks for your time!

Updated 10/01/16

So I'm here again, though I know not who remains. I'm struggling to find a way to apologize to all the people who read Magic Appreciation Society. I said I would post the whole story, said it was done and not to worry. Not even halfway through, I stopped posting it. Some reviewers pointed out the general non-badassness of the protag and after giving it considerable thought I tried to go back and figure out a way to strengthen him as a protag. I couldn't come up with anything that didn't sound contrived or a simple Band-Aid fix. It bothered me to the point that I stopped posting the story until I fixed it. I never did fix it and worst of all, I never continued posting the story.

So, while I'm struggling to figure out what it is I wanted to accomplish here, I did want to let people know I still exist. I'd like to give the story another proofread and once over and then continue posting it as is. I may make minor changes here and there but hopefully some of the people I left behind are still around. My sincerest regrets and I apologize profusely for being a hypocrite.

Updated 10/16/16

Work on Magic Appreciation Society is slowly progressing. I proofread every chapter up till 35 or so and have made as many corrections with some light rewriting here and there. The reason for this update though, is to let everyone know I completely rewrote the prologue. I have a sneaking suspicion I lost a ton of potential readers because the prologue was terrible. It wasn't doing anything I wanted it to do. So rather than salvage it, I gave up and scrapped it in favor of a completely new rewrite, with some borrowed sentences. The POV is different. The style and narration are different. The characters are more fleshed out, well, the important ones. It no longer sets up a mysterious attacking force and instead favors characterizing said mysterious attacking force. If anyone is interested, please let me know how it sounds.

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In a world where humans and robots fight, cyborgs such as Sorano Hitomi are despised as an enemy & a superior. Used as a weapon & tool in the war for the destruction of the robots, some cyborgs wish not to be in it. But Sorano knows that it's neccesary.
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Zero Draft of the entire Antilla: Alpha Squadron Trilogy. REMOVED.
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Artificial Encounter: Capricorn Versus Artemis reviews
June pilots the Capricorn, an underdog for the Gladitorial Series. The reigning champion for three years is Vargas, the pilot of the Artemis. Both want to win, but in a deathmatch, only one will survive. Can June prove her worth against all odds?
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Astral wants to change Heaven. Kyu has no idea what's going on. Through their strange combination including an android, a valkyrie, a witch, and a monk, they'll try. But is God on their side?
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