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I am a graduate (eep!) of the University of Iowa.

I live for the arts, particularly writing and my career as a Stage Manager. (Mad Props to those of you who know what that job is) One of my many passions in life is the story that most likely led you to this profile, The Lost Promise. (Name pending) It has been in the brainstorming process long enough. I have restarted this work no less than 13 times and am still constantly second guessing myself. But I will say this, sometimes making the main character a bastard rather than a legitimate child will fix a lot of problems.

The Lost Promise is under heavy revision and will be posted when I'm satisfied with this do-over edition. Thanks to my reviewers on the horrible one posted, your criticisms helped A LOT. I'm also working on a second novel that has potential to be published according to my boyfriend. (I have a slight hunch that he's bias though.)

While in college, I discovered a love for playwriting. I even had a play produced at Iowa. If I can find a copy it will definitely be posted here for others to read and ponder over. I am currently finished a new project. I finally decided on "The Maiden's War" (The myth is called The Maidens' War - oh the fun things you can do with grammar.) I often find myself daydreaming of becoming the next Sarah Ruhl or Lynn Nottage. (Please read these women if you have not. Their work is truly an experience- a life changing one oftentimes if you have the privilege to see them performed.) The new play is based on a Czech (my heritage) myth. Sarka and Ctirad have captured my heart, and soon I hope they will capture yours as well.

May writer's block evade you where ever you are and writer's cramp not keep you out of commission too long. ~With Hugs, S. N. Sedivec

My favorite quote ladies and gentlemen...

Words, so innocent and powerless as they are, as standing in a dictionary, how potent for good and evil they become, in the hands of one who knows how to combine them. ~Nathaniel Hawthorne

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Lady Ice Princess reviews
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