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Madeline Bicoa-Ryne. Maddie for short.

I don't have much to say, but I wanted to APOLOGIZE to anyone who liked any of my stories and to anyone who was disappointed that I've been taking such LONG breaks. I really really really will work on Feline Princess eventually, so just keep a TINY sliver of faith in me (actually, it's probably safer if you don't).

My Stories:

Death to Faerie Tail: Dead. I'd read it if you want a sample of the sarcastic side of my writing style. It's actually not that bad, I realized after reading through it again.

Feline Princess: Yeah. I have a lot of this written. In a notebook. Underneath a bunch of clothes. In my bottom drawer. Sooooo. That one's taking a bit of a rest, too. I think I'm slightly confused as to what is supposed to happen next in the plot. And transferring/revising kinda sucks.

Sun and Moon: Dead. It just isn't my type of story.

IF I start writing again soon (which is iffy) it'll probably be Feline Princess, or something new. So don't get too attached to any of the others. I have a whole notebook full of Feline Princess (that I still need to transfer and revise) but nothing of the others stories. So Feline Princess is the next to be added to.

I have some poems up again. I deem these ones decent enough for the eyes of innocent citizens. I have:

"It" (which was originally titled "Modern Misconceptions of Love" but that seemed toooo long and boring) which I wrote for a college composition class. It's kind of bitter. So be warned.


"Honor Killing" which I wrote a year ago. It's not my best, but it's not bad. I had to write a poem about an issue in the world. So instead of doing suicide or teen pregnancy or smoking or what everyone else did I decided to try something new. Honor Killings and Honor Suicides actually happen. When a woman engages in sexual activity (whether she wants to or not), breaks a dress code, refuses to enter an arranged marriage, or several other anti-feminist things she is either killed or pressured to kill herself because she dishonored her family. It's pretty sick. Usually that's not in America, but we all share the same earth. Our countries are gunna be pushed back into Pangea eventually. Let's give a damn.

So read and review those.

By the way. I'm beta reading now! Hurrah! Felt you should know. It's actually really fun!

Love ya!


P.S. She doesn't actually need it, since she's a god to so many people already, but go read Euphorialie's stuff. Seriously, amazing. "Die, Everyone's Doing It" will make you think for the first time in your life (and you won't understand that until you read it).

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