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'It rockets through the universe, it fuels the lies, it feeds the curse; and we, too, could be glorious.'

'Because I'm a creep, I'm a weirdo. What the hell am I doing here? I don't belong here...'


I'm Amber. I love to laugh and make other people laugh more than anything; laughter is everything to me. I like random things. Like Batman. I also swear a lot, mostly for comedic effect. XD My absolute favorite bands are Muse (I've loved them for about 3 years) and Radiohead (discovered them about 10 months ago, and it was love at first hearing. ;D) I tend to reference them both a lot.

'XD' is my favorite smilie. Ever.

Anyway...I've been a writer since late 2005...and still at it. When I started writing, I never thought a silly little hobby reading and writing horrid fanfiction would grow to be such a huge part of my life. After my dad found out about my writing in November of 2006, he asked me why I didn't write original stories; and something flipped in my head. That same day, I wrote a 5000 word rough draft of what would become the story Cloud Castles, Cogs, and Reluctant Villains.

It was the crappiest piece of work I've ever written; the characters were flat, the plot cliche and tedious, and the word structure bulky and awkward. However, despite the negative critisism and the embarassment the story caused, the switch had already been flipped, and interest in fanfiction began to drain as original stories started forming in my head and spilling onto my keyboard. Some shall never see the light of day, and some have become 50,000 word stories that I'm planning on publishing.

And now here I am, almost done with my current original story, Glass Manor and loving writing just as much I did when I first discovered it; it's gotten me through some tough times and tight spots, but now everything is in its right place.

And what became of my fanfiction? My profile link is down there, and all of my stories (Including ones I wrote at the very very beginning of my writing career that burn my eyes.) are archived there. I don't intend to take them down, there's too many memories in them. I still dapple in fanfiction every now and then, mainly for the bands Muse and Radiohead, and just might update my old stories with an odd one-shot someday. But for now, I'm focusing on my own stories. Thanks to all my friends and supporters! And reviewers, you guys make the world go 'round! Haha.

Novel-length stories that I'm just taking forever to finish XD;

Glass Manor- After years of being unable to find a princess due to his less-than-orthadox heritage, Prince Rennit decides it's time to start looking at the villainous side of the fairy-tale. Too bad his opposition is thinking the same thing in this 50,000+ fantasy-romance novel, filled to the brim with wit and just a bit of magic. Main project, takes priority over all others. Few chapters left to go...should be finished before the fall. Working on it always! :D

Cloud Castles, Cogs, and Reluctant Villains (Book one of a trilogy)--A satiric look at fantasy that still manages to take itself seriously. After being blamed for a thieving-spree she truly did not take part in, a disgruntled airship builder and the gang of liars, charlatons, and weirdos she manages to collect go off on some more thieving-sprees in an attempt to prove the airship builder's innocence, all the while being pursued by the all-talk general/'hero' and his nancy-boy messenger. (On hiatus until I finish Glass Manor.)

My Puffer Fish Boy-It's that old cliche again. Girl moves to new school, girl meets boy who resembles fish, girl meets another boy who screams like a girl, boy nearly kills her with his finely-tuned voice chords, girl and second boy...participate in scavenger hunt to find wtf-worthy items like a purple mattress and blue eyeliner to win an airship? WTF? -checks writer's notes to make sure this is right- (Satire/humor/romance. Updates are random and light. Note: I am not on crack. :D) Picked up after a long hiatus, now being rewritten and reposted. Chapter one up June 20th, 2008.


SapphireXSerpent-My awesome-like-whoa user page. Yes, that's me, the 'Forum Queen of FFVII' and self-proclaimed Turk Princess writer...thing, haha. No longer updated regularly, updates are extremely random and light.

Secrets-Inc.-Feel free to check out Secrets Inc., an archive of secrets that YOU e-mail to me and I add to the Secrets Inc. story on that account. I need more secrets before I can post chapter one. Further information on my profile. It's also a Fictionpress spin-off of PostSecret, in case you were wondering. On hiatus due to other projects. Might be picked up sometime in the future.

Deviantart-I'm only in it for the favorites, so if you're into the same strange crap that I am, feel free to take a look... :D

Livejournal-Contains much Radiohead/Muse/Batman fangirling. Go crazy.

Updates! For both your and my own insight, because I like to organize things, haha;

My Puffer Fish Boy-Chapter six is at zero percent. XD

Glass Manor-Chapter twenty-eight (40 percent) and twenty-nine (30 percent).

Cloud Castles, Cogs, and Reluctant Villains-No fucking clue. Haven't worked on it in a year.

Confessions of a Department Store Clerk-Hiatus for who knows how long.

Heartlocked-Not forgotten! I have a bit of a soft spot for this story, it being my only slash romance, haha. Will probably be renamed and rewritten when other projects are finished. Takes priority before Fabled.

Fabled-slooooooowly being reworked. As in .5 percent per month slow. Will be picked up and reworked faster when other projects are done.

Spoken-Almost forgotten, might be picked up. Needs rewriting.

Wind Up Boy-nearly dead. Slight chance of it being picked up, if it captures my interest again.

VertexBlank-nearly dead. Slight chance of it being picked up, though.

Taken down stories because they either suck or I have no interest in them, whatsoever, anymore:

All Part of a Clockwork Pink-Taken down 8/27/08.

The Binding-Taken down 8/27/08.

'Ignorance pulls, apostacy and apathy still rules; and yeah, you know it's cool.'

'I'm the next act, waiting in the wings.'

"...and that is how I made my millions."

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My Puffer Fish Boy reviews
Walking up to her locker, she scrutinized it. Nothing seemed out of order...other than the fact that an hour ago it was covered in freaking love notes and death threats. "Oh yeah," she said to herself. "Got some Twilight Zone stuff going on here."
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Pressing my ear up against his chest, I could hear his heartbeat. I suppose it was more of a pendulum than a heart, but the fact that it was ticking for me made my knees weak. My heart would be so much easier to fix if it were made of gears like his was.
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