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Hi, my name is not "Nessya".

I think that you all didn't wait this, huh? Well the account name "Nessya" isn't too far from truth, well anyways just call me Nessya.

My age will be kept in a secrecy and I would appreciate that none of you would judge my age from my actions.

I can be childish, mature whatever I like to be at that moment, can act like a wise one and still the next second act all naïve, need any more exemples? oh yeah, I must already explain that I may have mood swings, I'm too a helpless romantic yet try despise romance. Yep, I'm wierd, still my beloved friends and family love me, so no, I'm not a anti-social of any kind!

I basicly get new ideas for a story everyday with simples things.

So why haven't you already posted any of those in here? Well at first I guess all excited because when the ideas "arrive" they all seem perfect, days later I began to loose my entusiasm and give up writing them. Just the really good ones stay stuck in my mind and bugg me until I write them; so as you see, it's a little difficult to me to end a project, if it's not good enough. I'm very harsh critic of my own work.

But when I get the monstruous - Writer's Block - I can't write for quite a while.

Why do I love writing? It's because of my dream!

I have this kind of stupid dream of changing the world one book at time, I want to make people dream when reading a story. Know that feeling that when you're daydreaming? Where everything is perfect and you feel in pure bliss? I want to make people feel like that when they read my stories, they'll dream about the events which they had just read until I post the next chapter. They'll actually enjoy themselfs while reading! They'll manage to feel the character's emotions as if they were their own, they will get too caught up in the story.

I hope you all enjoy yourselfs while reading, look carefully in this site, there are many talented authors here. Even better than me! People who have the gift to make others dream, are really lucky...


This is a serious matter and I want everyone to think about this:

Our works (stories, poems, essays...) are priceless and no one (and I mean NO ONE) has the right to steal them! It's a crime!

Please stop. this. And help us do it here in Fictionpress.

Go to:

Thank you

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