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Hello my fellow people!

Here is a little bit about me:

Umm, my name is Chelsea and I'm 21. I love lots of J-rock, German, French, screamo, or hard rock music and occasionally blasting it till I can't hear my own thoughts. I love to play my bass guitar, and I'm going to teach myself the piano and guitar soon hopefully. I love languages. I've taken two years of french, four years of Spanish, and two years of German. I want to conquer Russian and Persian next. I'm currently going through my 3rd year of college for a degree in criminal justice, which has nothing really to do with my goal of getting my MLIS/MLS masters. Cx My favorite color is blue.

Favorite Movies: The Hunger Games, The Avengers, Ponyo, Moulin Rouge, The Gladiator, Lord of the Rings, Lilo and Stitch, Memoirs of a Geisha, Princess Mononoke, Ninja Assassin, Spirited Away, Boot Camp, The Last Samurai, Final Fantasy VII, Cold Mountain, ect.

Favorite Bands: The GazettE, Five Finger Death Punch, MCR, Foo Fighters, 30 STM, Deadlock, Cinema Bizzare, E Nomine, Underoath, Cradle of Filth, Escape the Fate, Simple Plan, Skillet, Destroy the Runner, Breaking Benjamin, Blessthefall, SR-71, Disturbed, Within Tempetation, Bring Me The Horizon, and bunches more. I also love any J-Rock and music from other countries! J-Rock, French, and german musik!!

Things I Hate: Water, food, college, balloons, anything bright (people, places, colors...), bugs, small spaces, car wrecks, and physical contact.

Things I Like: Dressage (horses), music, photography, books, DDR, video games (even though I fail at them), alone time, playing the bass and piano, sleeping, and some other stuffs.

Internet: I will usually always be on DeviantArt (OnttoItsemurha) so find me there if you wanna talk or anything. I'm also on youtube (SilentSorrows) and gaiaonline (OnttoItsemurha). I also have a FanFiction that I don't really upload too (SilentSorrows).

I don't get the chance to write very often, and I seem to like editing more lately, so I won't be uploading much on here.

So anyways that is all you kneed to know about me. More to come...eventually, maybe.

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