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Well, all I can say about myself is that I'm female.

My profile needed a change of scenery from the slightly deranged ranting that used to be on here. I just hope that it didn't rot anyone's eyeballs out before.

I'm more of a reviewer rather than a writer, but eventually I'll get something up. If there's anyone that's out there that actually is waiting for something by me to read, rip up, or compare to the moronic summaries I had on here, don't hold your breath. Knowing my procrastination, you might never have to suffer from the sugar-coated horror of my earlier stuff.

The apocolypse has occured. I've actually posted something on here. Flee, mortals, or risk your immortal souls!

It's short and hopefully obnoxiously to the point. Read at your own risk.

Drop me a review if you read something by me? Constructive criticism is badly wanted and it's hard to gauge approval or disapproval from readers if there isn't much to look at. Lurking is fun and all, but I'd like to know what you guys think, and what I need to work on.

I'll be more than happy to beta.

Current Wants:

Good urban fantasy. Not that, 'woe is me, I'm a sixteen year old girl/boy/hermaphrodite dropped into a fantasy world similar to my own/abducted by rock band elves'. One, there is such a thing as overworking a cliche; everyone's done it. Two, there are other ways to spin urban fantasy before you have to reach for the 'let's pull the sidhe into this and make them hawt in a dangerous-yet-not-really way!'.

Stop the Press!

Yes, I do write for the online newspaper that is Stop the Press. It's a group here on fictionpress that runs a montly paper thing. Check them out sometime; you might actually have some fun reading what's been written or even want to get something posted on there yourself. And we really need writers for it.

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