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Hello, all! Welcome to my oh-so-lovely profile. I don't have a lot to say about myself, which makes me absolutely terrible at writing these things, but I'm gonna try anyway.

So we'll start with that basic of the basic, the first thing people always want to know about: appearance. Quite frankly, I'm not much to look at. I'm short and round, and I have no intention of changing either, and if you try to put me on a diet, so help me God you are going DOWN. I have blue eyes and brown hair that is more dead ends than actual hair and frizzes when I so much as take a sip of water; I refuse to cut it, because I look hideous with short hair (it does something weird to my face). And, all that aside, I think I'm beautiful, even if you look at me and start convulsing with disgust.

There are three people in the world that I live for. Three people whose expectations I will actually go out of my way to live up to. My mother is the first one, and the reason for that is simple: she's earned it. She's gone to hell and back for us and she's still standing; the least I can do is try to make her proud. My sister and my best friend are the others, and I hope they know why.

And on the note of things that rock my salt...

In addition to this account, I also have a joint account with my sister and my best girl Li, so go visit the Idiosyncrasy101 profile if you're looking for some cheap laughs. We try not to let you down with the comedy...

I love to meet new people, so talk to me.

I absolutely love anything that has a lot of bright, happy colors--rainbows, flowers, sunshine, crayons, shirts that look like they've had dozens of different colored paints spilled on them...I love all of it. Paint me a rainbow and call it quits. Seriously.

Sleep is the last thing on my priority list. Like, the DEAD LAST. It's pathetic.

I read obsessively, and I read everything. I also devour music and will listen to almost any kind. I actually plan to look into guitar lessons one day; maybe in college, where I can attempt to exchange tutoring services for music lessons. I dunno, it's worth a try.

I speak a modest amount of French, but I'm still learning, so don't message me and start yammering away in French; I'll get it translated eventually, but it'll take awhile and you're just better off starting in English and working your way up to bilingual conversation.

I never lost the little girl in me. She's hunkered down next to the cynical old bat and the unwavering romantic. They're all sitting there in my head as we speak, throwing popcorn at each other and waiting for their turn to surface.

I like to shock people, but not as much as I enjoy making them like me.

I'm painfully shy in real life but frighteningly outgoing over the Internet. It's sad, but true.

I'm an avid writer. I don't claim to be any good at it (though I do have one or two pieces that I'm proud of), but no one can ever say I didn't try. I don't have many fanfics up, but the stuff I do have was very carefully written. I don't rush my work. I dilly-dally over it. Hence, I only have fifteen stories, but hey, I'm just getting started over here.

I'm the most pessimistic optimist you will ever meet. Wanna know how that's possible? Talk to me. You'll see what I mean.

I like to play the mother for people, but I don't ever want to be a mother to my own children because I think I'd suck at it. I'd probably forget to feed them or something.

Most of my life revolves around school, in one way or another. That could very well be the reason I didn't make my first real, honest-to-God, still-hasn't-left-me-for-greener-pastures friend until I was in eighth grade.

The Internet is the eighth wonder of the world.

I'm a beautifully uncomplicated person and a walking contradiction to myself half the time.

I'm completely comfortable with who I am and with who I'm not.

If I like you, I will talk to you nonstop and with long, complicated words. If I hate you, I will still talk to you nonstop and with long, complicated words, but the long, complicated words will be used to disguise thinly veiled insults. However, often I'm too lazy to give you even that, and that's when I become the monosyllabic wonder. Yeah, I'm complicated, and I'm heartbreakingly simple.

There is one hard, fast rule for dealing with me: Fear the coffee. It will rule the world with me at its side.

I try my best to keep an open mind, and I think I do a pretty good job of it most of the time. And the great thing is, that happy quality is one I learned from someone I actually know. I was lucky enough to grow up with a mother who let me form my own opinions. Never, ever underestimate the power of that, people.

I live every minute of my life, I eat like a whale, and I'm no one's idea of a perfect girl.



I've created a beta profile and I'm looking for people to beta for, so check out my profile and let me know if I can be of some service to you!

Also, even though I'm reeeeeeeaaaaaaally busy with Relay for Life just around the corner, summer assignments, and hunting down community service opportunities, I am determined to get some writing done this summer, so...I'll be back soon, I promise! (Hopefully with some long-overdue updates and edits that I've been neglecting.) But that will have to wait until after I finish my summer assignments for lit class!


I'm about to embark on one of the projects that I've been putting off for a really, really long time. I'm gonna start editing all my old stories that are in serious need of fixing. So hopefully, everything will look a lot nicer after I finish editing it - there are a lot of typos and such in them now. So...wish me luck!


All right, so I got really busy, and my editing got put on hold. It'll probably be on hold at least until winter break, but I don't expect anything truly productive to get done before summer... But I swear, it will get done!

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