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Don't really know what to say... but here goes..

I'm actually more of a poetry person.. In fact, I don't use my fictionpress account that much. All of my poems are in another blog.. at . But anyway, I wanted to write a story (a novel if possible, haha!) so I did :)

What else can I say? Favorite novel currently is Thanks for the Memories by Cecelia Ahern. I've only read two of her novels, but I'm planning to read the rest. The Loop by Nicholas Evans used to be my favorite. :) But the only book I've read twice ('cause I don't like re-reading stuff) is Where The Red Fern Grows by Wilson Rawls. That book made me cry, both times I read it.

It Started With a Dream is sort of personal to me... If you know me very well then you must know the story. Anyway, some details of the story are facts. Just some details but the plot is new okay? Some characters are based on real people, or maybe just their names. I put my ideals and hopes in my stories too. So with a lot of close reading, you might learn something about me. But I really don't enjoy reading those stories wherein you really really have to read between the lines, I prefer the straightforward kind where you don't really have to think so hard. Reading is supposed to be fun. :) So anyway, I might just mention in the Author's note about those facts. Just maybe. If it's really important.


General Update:

7/28/09 I'm getting ahead of myself. So far I have 4 stories in progress (1 unpublished). It Started With A Dream will reach its halfway mark soon. Anyway, I was just reading these other amazing stories and now I'm getting paranoid about plagiarism and blah. I hope no one plagiarizes any of my stuff, I mean compared to those that I've read which were plagiarized, I doubt anyone would give my stories a second look. So I guess, I just want to say that... please keep an eye out. :)

9/06/09 Guys, my computer crashed! I can't believe it. It's been horrible, a week without a computer, and it's not over yet. As much as I'd like to write and update my stories... I'm sorry... :( I guess you guys have to wait a little bit longer.

Update on It Started with a Dream

7/4/09 I just noticed that in chapter 2, I wrote Jamie and Amy have been friends since elementary. I have changed this, ok? They've been friends since kindergarten. And Amy is also the editor-in-chief of the school newspaper. that's all. :)

7/5/09 Apparently there's another story titled "It All Started With A Dream". so I might change my title. Haven't thought of anything yet. I'm changing mine because he/she posted his/her story first, 24 days earlier actually. Even though I titled mine years ago. haha! Anyway, I will change it probably. When I think of something better.

7/10/09 Updated the summary of "It Started With A Dream"

Before: A story about childhood friendship and puppy love, how hard it is to lose them. So hard that your mind erases them so you can forget and live peacefully. But when the living proof of that past enters your life again, will you recapture it or run away?

10/05/09 I changed the fiction rating to T just to be safe, since chapter 21 is sort of... uhm... inappropriate. Just a little bit though. Like I said, just to be safe. :)

11/29/09 So as I've said in my Author's Notes, I'm planning a sequel for It Started With A Dream. And after I finish this one, I'm gonna change its title to Who Are You Now?.

1/28/10 Finished it. :)

4/24/10 By the sheer power of the awesomeness of my closest friends, I am now a published writer. :)) Basically, my friends, as a (very late but all the same very appreciated) birthday present, published a copy of Who Are You Now? on their own, complete with cover art.

Update on What's Wrong With Him?

8/02/09 I edited one part of chapter 3 after realizing that I didn't introduce the relationships of the characters properly. Here's the gist though. Kyle, Dan, Vance and Gail walk home together almost everyday. That's how they became friends in the first place. But as months passed, it's usually Dan and Gail together. Sometimes, Kyle would join them. Sometimes Vance would. Conflict in schedules and all that. Another thing I realized is that I didn't describe the characters, how they look like more specifically. Maybe in later chapters?

8/05/09 I changed Lisa's name to Crissie. It made more sense. :)

8/09/09 Changed it back to Lisa. hahaha! sorry.

6/25/10 Finished it :)

Update on No Holding Back

8/02/09 I changed how Kate looks. Kind of got tired with the color brown. :)

6/25/10 I deleted No Holding Back from fictionpress. I just didn't know where it was going. So I thought I should develop the plot first before thinking about writing it again. Maybe I'll make it a oneshot, who knows? I just need to figure out the characters and their stories first. Right now, it feels like I don't know them yet. :)

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