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11/12/15: New idea added below.

About Me

Real Name: Geoff

Age: 24

Location: Michigan, USA

Education: none, I'm working now

Things I like: Sports, mostly football and Nascar, Gaming, drawing when I feel like it, Anime, Magic: the Gathering, Food, heavy music (hard rock/metal), some country especially from the 90's, and also anything Japanese.

Things I don't like: Politics, idiots, Rap and Hip-Hop music, dirty cars (I clean them for a living), Minivans, Traverses.


Sports Teams: NFL [Lions, Broncos, Bengals, Ravens, Bucs, Packers, Saints, NASCAR [Tony Stewart, Kevin Harvick, Carl Edwards, Matt Kenseth, Greg Biffle, Hockey [Red Wings, NCAA [Michigan State, Western Michigan, Notre Dame, TCU]

Bands: 3 Doors Down, Godsmack, AC/DC, Disturbed, Metallica, Shinedown, Five Finger Death Punch, Stone Sour, too many more to list

Video Games: Ratchet and Clank, God of War, Jak and Daxter, Crash, Spyro, Madden, Half-Life, Garry's Mod, TF2, SKYRIM, Age of Mythology, really anything in the action/adventure/platformer genre but I do like racing games and RTS games and sometimes RPGs.

Movies: 300, District 9, Bionicle: Mask of Light, The Simpsons Movie, first Pirates of the Caribbean; don't watch many movies

Books: Anything by Tom Clancy, really, and some magazines; I don't read that much.

TV Shows: House, 24, Mythbusters, Ed, Edd, n' Eddy, Spongebob, Fairly Oddparents, NCIS, MLP:FIM, Family Guy, American Dad, Simpsons, again too many to list.

Favorite Authors

Knightmare Elite

Dark Rhodion


In Progress

The Bladekeeper Chronicles

Summary: Jake has always dreamed of a life on the ocean, owning his own ship and exploring the world. Today, him and 4 of his friends will finally get that wish. However, shortly after their departure from their hometown of Silver Cove, they are swept into a war between an organization of Pirates called the 'Black Sails', and a group known as the "Blade Keepers". When Jake is inadvertently named the 6th and final bladekeeper, the group embarks on an adventure of a lifetime.

-On hold; will post rewritten 1-5 along with 6 asap

Coming Soon


The Bladekeeper Chronicles: The Lost Elements

Part 2 of the series. Jake's vacation after becoming the leader of the blades is short-lived, as a stunning arrival by none other than Captain Dredd himself to the Wedding of Yumi, Jake's former girlfriend and current holder of the water elemental blades. During the fight between Dredd and Jake, the leader of the Black Sails steals Jake's powers using a very powerful artifact created by the original leader of the Black Sails. Now powerless, Jake is told of the Lost Elements, three powerful blades that are rumored to be even more powerful that the base six blades. It then becomes a quest for Jake to find these lost powers and use them to get his own powers back.

The Bladekeeper Chronicles: The Final Stand

Part 3 of the series. Just days have passed since Jake had partially defeated Captain Dredd, and the Black Sails have fled to their headquarters hidden deep inside Mount Cestus, an ancient, famous dormant volcano. Having sacrificed the Master Blade in order to defeat Dredd, Jake must enlist all 8 other Bladekeepers to finally put an end to Captain Dredd and the Black Sails once and for all.

The Bladekeeper Chronicles: Silence in the Snow

Part 4 of the series. The Winter Solstice festivals are a few weeks away, but Jake and the rest of the Circle put their vacation plans on hold after Darkfrost informs them of a secret plot being put into motion by the Puresnow Cult involving the Sundial of Ju'uktar, an ancient deity of the seasons and weather whose gift to mankind gives the power to control the weather to those who can perform its long forgotten ritual. To make matters worse, Riley has betrayed the Circle, robbing Alyssa's home at gunpoint merely days before and setting off on a life of "noble piracy" with her new all-female crew, dubbed the "Crimson Lasses".

The Bladekeeper Chronicles: Calming Waves

A side story to the bladekeepers series detailing how Yumi, the Water-element bladekeeper, met Mishi, an emo girl with a troubled past.

The Bladekeeper Chronicles: Ancient Treasures

A prequel to the BKC series detailing how Erika first found the blades and the events leading up to the main storyline.


Serenity Series

Follows the life of Serenity Fallon, a 26 year old assassin who is waging war against a renegade cult of Vampires, the TruFang, whose main goal is to eliminate and/or enslave all humans and make Vampires the dominant species of the world. Serenity will face the order's leader Victor Valantius, a resurrected Vampire that is her ancestor, and also face Victor's son and daughter, Vincent and Valentina. She will also discover a shocking secret about her family and her life, as well as meet Jennifer, the girl that will become bound to her for life.

Seven Sides

Many years ago, bounty hunter Emma Langston discovered an amulet that gave her the personalities and powers of six monsters: Olivia, a Vampire; Kristen, a Werewolf; Rayne, a Half-Devil; Shana, a childlike Ghost; Isabella, a Zombie Bride; and lastly, Khorie, a Dragon/human hybrid. Jackie Garcia is a journalist and interested in the monstrous occult of the world, writing columns for the local paper on the subject. The two meet at a club, and a series of events lead to Jackie discovering Emma's secret and one about herself she'd never known.

Seven Sides: Angelic Bounty

Takes place one month after Seven Sides. Olivia, Kristen, Rayne, Shana, Isabella, and Khorie have all been freed from the amulet thanks to the magic surge from Dr. Crowman's lab exploding, and the team decide to celebrate by taking everyone to a Karaoke bar. However, when Jackie takes the stage and is almost assassinated after her song, the girls discover that a hit has been placed on the Arbiter, and now must sniff out the one responsible.

Paranormal Practice

Jason 'Jace' Drake is an amnesiac Psychic and a Private investigator who seeks to discover why he woke up in the middle of an alley in the town of New Dakota with no memory of anything other than his name, his powers, and where he was, along with a business card on his person no one is able to identify. He meets Lillian "Lilly" Santana, a techie gamer girl and a Community College student, who comes to him to find out why she has ghost powers. The two are suddenly 'recruited' (blackmailed) by a wealthy man only known as Mr. Lancaster who seeks to hire them as monster hunters, pairing the two with Bradley Muskgrave, a former Marine and a former subject of a government-sanctioned supersoldier program. The gang are tasked with killing Szadav, a renegade Vampire who seeks an artifact called the God Seed, which gives whoever it bonds to powers rivaling or far surpassing those of any deity. They soon learn they aren't the only ones out for him, as Kal'al, a Vampire Devil hybrid and a commander in Szadev's empire, and Morgan Halford, a Human with Vampire/Devil powers and is also Lilly's girlfriend, seek to do Szadev in as well.

Paranormal Practice: Red Sun Rising

Takes place 6 months after Paranormal Practice. Szadev is dead, and Jason, Brad, Kal'al, Morgan, and Lilly, who now has Devil/Vampire powers like Morgan, are contacted by their new contractor, the Arch-Devil Lucian, for a new mission. Azuma, a former General in Szadev's empire, has been up to no good and has found himself in the town of San Colmillo, gaining an interest in the former TruFang cult. Lucian sends the team to the town to track down Azuma and find out what he's up to, the team being directed towards the only one who would know everything about the cult: Serenity. However, Azuma also has several bounties on his head, and the team will have to get to him before the local peanut gallery does.


Okinaba Academy

Furry Magical Schoolgirl Yuri! Well, kinda. In a parallel dimension to Earth, a place called Okinaba Academy trains those gifted with the potential to use magic to become powerful mages who would defend the realm from those who may wish it harm. Reina Kobe, a 17-year old from Earth, is recruited to the realm prior to her 'best summer ever', a 3-month long non stop stretch of parties, trips, and vacationing. As she spends her time in the realm, though, she'll soon discover a shocking secret about herself that will change how she looks at her life.

Okinaba Guardians

Reina, now returned to the human world at the time of her departure, lives through her best summer ever, and with just 1 month left, travels to Japan for a ten-day vacation and sightseeing tour through Tokyo and the surrounding areas. However, when the city is attacked by a mysterious man named Kenta, Reina must tap back into her teachings of the academy, as well as her memories of the academy, with the special broach that had appeared on her desk the morning she'd returned.

Other Stories

Another Round, Waitress!

22-year old Nicole Heaton has just started her job as a waitress at a bar not too far from her home. While being assigned to close, she meets another young waitress, 21 year-old Autumn Kleine, and the two instantly click and form a strong friendship. However, Autumn reveals to Nikki that she's gay, and eventually the brunette begins to develop feelings for her coworker.

The Rainbow Railroad [Working]

Claire and Gabriella are roommates at Saint Leon's Academy in the Country of Cornith. They're also best friends; and secretly, they're in love with each other. There's is a forbidden love, violating the sacred traditions of Cornith, and discovery of such romance would see them sent of to 'reeducation camps', where they would be matched with a preferred male suitor. However, an invitation to join the school's Poetry Club may just set their lives on the track to freedom.

The Negative Ones

A strange meteor strikes Zenith City and begins bathing it with unearthly cosmic radiation, infecting the citizens with a virus that turns them into mindless mutant alien hybrids. Ben Wycott is your ordinary 20-something newspaper delivery guy who becomes infected with the virus, but discovers that his body is immune to most of the virus's mutagen properties and instead gains superhuman abilities and a mutant arm. He is one of 4 in the city who have such resistance, the other 3 having used their powers to take over the city as the "Negative Ones". The government also wants ben as a test subject to find a cure for the virus. Ben must decide to save humanity, or join the Negative Ones in enslaving it, all the while hoping the source of meteor doesn't find them.

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