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Welcome to the FictionPress! Check out my new website, cjcurrie.net!

I've been a member of FictionPress for years and posted many stories over that time, but I only have one up now, because it's the only one I'm working on. My fortés are Fantasy and Science Fiction (sometimes Science Fantasy, too), although I also dabble in poetry (not that you'll see any here). My works posted here are 100 percent original (unless otherwise noted) and are completely welcome to comment and review. If you like what I do and wish to contact me, please use FictionPress's messaging service. I am also on a fantastic web development and game studio, Black Storms Studios.

I'm also a Beta Reader, if that counts for anything.

-- The Unofficial FictionPress Policy of Etiquette --

I agree with the following:

1. A review is usually returned with a review. Scratch my back more and yours will be relieved as well.

2. Constructive criticism is great. It's how we grow as writer Everyone needs it, and you gain in the long run just as much by giving as you do by receiving.

3. Style is style. Everyone has a different one, and they're not all the same. Some people choose to use multiple punctuation, some like parenthesis, and some use italicized thoughts. Some have a love of underlining things, and others an obsession with using all caps. These things aren't necessarily bad things nor immature writing errors; rather, they are styles, just as valid as any other. So when reviewing, try to look beyond stylistic elements that may clash with your own tastes.

4. Have a positive attitude. You'd be surprised how far a kind word and a little gratitude will go.

5. This one is my own: I think making up words is okay. I do it a lot when I write stories about other planets or other times. But when writing in modern English, please stick with the basics. If you want to say something succinctly, chances are there is already a word for you to use.

-- My Stories --

The Architect (In progress) (Warning: potentially plot-spoiling details ahead.):

This story is officially LCTIS, meaning it's Less Cliché Than it Sounds. Through a far-future setting sprinkled with some traditional fantasy archetypes, the story transcends the cliché-filled genre, with dialogue, setting, and science that is very original. Think more Final Fantasy and less Lord of the Rings.

Frontstory: Jerren LucPhor lived on a small island purposefully hidden from the Myrsenian Empire centuries ago. Unbeknownst to its inhabitants, Glen's Hope secreted a relic of the Shadow Wars powerful enough to topple the Empire -- the Keystone. During one fateful night raid the village was destroyed and he found the Keystone, thrusting Jerren was out into an alien world filled with intrigue and danger far beyond anything he was prepared to deal with. But he was, however, well-equipped and suddenly in a position to change the future of the world.

Backstory: In 2228 CE a group of enterprising scientists created a machine to harness the unique power of physic's acclaimed Grand Unification Energy, sai. This machine, dubbed the Architect, interacted with the minds of humans to manifest thought into electromagnetic energy, strong and weak forces, and gravity -- the component parts of sai. The control of these forces essentially granted the ability to alter reality. With a majority vote the United Nations approved the machine to be put into use on a global scale, to allow everyone on the planet to enjoy an easier and more luxurious life. World peace was finally attained.

Unfortunately, the makers of the Architect failed to forsee the power of the subconscious mind and the effect it wrought upon it. Human emotion and naturally destructive impulses poisoned the delicately telepathic, wish-granting machine. As a result the Architect began to create a host of living nightmares that gradually destroyed the world. Monsters that preyed upon humans in overwhelming numbers, the nightmares swarmed around centers of population and destroyed civilization as it was known. During a period of time known as the Shadow Wars, humankind was reduced to tribal life, with only scattered flying fortresses and a legacy of dreaful monsters as a testament to its former power. A small group of powerful minds led an expedition to cripple the Architect, thankfully allowing intelligent life to continue.

Centuries passed, and little by little the population regrew, shaping itself into a series of feudal societies centered around defense from the nightmares that infrequently sprang from the Architect's world-spanning network. A group of powerful Architect-manipulating sorcerers rose to power and helped form the Empire of Myrsena, where our story takes place.

-- My Gratitude to these Lovely People --

I'd like to thank these people for their helpful criticism, insight, and knowledge in the reviews they've sent me. I greatly appreciate their encouragement and support. Names listed below are in chronological order.

The Architect: J.A. Kossler, Concerto49, Alteng

The Bridgeway Traveler: tresbubble29, Eyetk, Datsu

The Light of the Trillion: Sakura Ri, Mayonaka Tatsuya

Other: Mayonaka Tatsuya, Early July

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