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So... uhm.. Hi, you can just call me StaleNature and I'm not going to write my name here. I'm a 16 year old college freshman. I'm an ordinary being from the east(that makes me asian) and I listen a lot to New Age music, but most of all, I love reading. I read more than I write. I write when i can't get something off my chest and this things will always be hidden underneath.I love the color gray, and I am gray. I'm a college student and I'm somewhere between playing it safe and playing with fire. I'm not a native speaker of this language so forgive me if my grammar is incorrect, don't worry, I'm working on it. I think "emo" is highly over-rated. I love saying "highly over-rated".

Anyway, I love reading reviews, comments, suggestions and criticisms. Please do read my one and only on going fic and give a feedback. I'll love you forever if you'll do this for me.


Blind Light: FF(see the plot below)

Corners of a Triangle: FF, MF(see the plot below)

Oct. 29, 2007

-- Alright this is really weird but i cant believe i'm writing my two-line "blog" entry here. uhhgg... Stupid. I hate lying. I hate everything right now and I can bring myself to hate one person I should hate. Damn this life. Oh well... must suit ourselves with books, pens and papers...:)

Pm's are always welcome. Bye!

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