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Hey all

I just changed my penname to Apiavva from AlyssaJade. It means Arianna, my real name, in Greek (I think-I learned the Greek letters in Latin in like 10th grade and wrote my name in them all year...I really am not sure if it is a Greek word so if anyone knows tell me)

Anyway...My stories

Jared...my favorite and probably my most complete, though you wouldn't know that cuz I have deleted it all...I will eventually update it...eventually being the key word

~Jared is a vampire who is swore to protect Valerie, a half witch and his soulmate...many problems must be overcome by her eighteenth birthday when she gets her powers...

Its basically outlined...yeah basically as in I have the chapters titled so I know what I want to put in each but that is about it...I have an ending too

Samantha...well that is a little more complicated than it once was...I have decided to push my stories together sort of...kinda a series

~Samantha and Alexander are two vampires who meet up after 28 years. When Sam was in highschool she dated Alex...he was a vampire at the time, but he disappeared without telling her...now they are doing a quid pro quo thing-- stolen from Silence of the Lambs...I have seen it soo many times-- tells about Sam's change...Alex's change...and a few interesting points in their life

My Story...yes I know the title is odd...Tara is a writer...she has published two books before..all about the supernatural...She wants more details on the lives of her favorite creatures...vampires...so she seeks them out...who knows what will happen...the idea just sorta popped out there

Til Death Do You Part...only non-romance story...my writing jumped around now I'm trying to fill in the blanks...make it longer and such...

Jared Characters

Jared-3000 year old vampire

Valerie-half witch half human

Samantha(if you read it before Stephanie)-Valerie's best friend...dating Alex

Alexander(Justin)-is vampire now was human in original...still working on details

Melody(Amy in Samantha will be changing her name)-kinda a filler character at the moment...not sure if I will do anything with her really

Amanda-Slayer...helps Jared but it sorta gets her in trouble

Simon-you know...I could tell you about him...but I never said much in the story b4 and I want him to be a surprise...he is my favorite though

Gwen-evil little butthead...yes butthead...we must be PG now...she is a 3500 year old vampire and you guessed it Jared's sire...creator...whatever you want to call it..she doesn't like Val and never will get over the fact that Jared doesn't want her

Anyway if you can't tell I have an extremely unhealthy obsession with vampires...extremely...

The reason I update so rarely is just because most of these stories began during the summer of 10th grade and that was like four or five years ago now so the inspiration is kinda so-so now...like they finished in my head and never reached paper...my writing style is also sooo different and reading back over some of these...I could tell when I put down the pen for awhile then picked it back up...it was awful...Jared had like 3 different writers to me and they were all me so yeah...I'm trying to do something...I am thinking of posting all of my stuff that I have on the computer up and seeing which one you all like best...maybe that will renew my spirits with some of the older stuff...who knows...

Enough with the ranting and excuses...

Enjoy the stories...what is there of them...thanks for the reviews...


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