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OKay...I guess it's time I put more of a bio up...I'm a quiet girl that like black...People think I'm strange but that's okay...I hang out with equaly strange people and I like to read dark fics...I also write lots of Angst...Curently I've decided to write my own anime/manga story...It's kinda a miss of Lain and Boogie Pop Phantom with a twist thats all my own...My very first of this kind...I'm also doing lots of Fan art...I do enjoy useing my talent to help my friends...although it takes me forever to load in onto the computer...

I got into anime with Sailor Moon (didn't we all??) But I wasn't a big fan...Then came Escaflowne...It literly changed my life...I started writing. And I also started building web pages and drawing anime style...Now I'm here...a respected author (for the most part) and fan artist...

Next came Gundam...Escaflowne might have been my first love but Gundam was my mistress...I couldn't read fanfiction for Esca because I was writing a story for it and I didn't want to take anothers idea...So I started reading Gundam...I think I read the first fic right after watching the first 3 ep.s...I guess you could say I was hooked...I've seen every thing...the movie..even read most of the manga...I also began my own story...(you can read my gundam story under this name The Purple Ghost...)The last two years of my life have been great...Although my new habit is very expensive...I have seen over 100 titles and read many mangas online and at home...Life couldn't be any better...

I plan to be a fantesy writer when I get a little older...But I've already started to construct my own world...

I guess that's all there is to know about me at this time...

Ja ne

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