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OKay here goes. I'm 14, a student, and as normal as any of us wish we weren't. As in I'm sadly average. But hey, I'm posting my work -- so here goes for my monthly rant.

Okay, as you all should know by know, I am a mega-super-huge Fushigi Yuugi fan! I just got both box sets: Suzaku and Seiryu (I have the OAVs) and I'm waiting for Eikouden! *excited* Well, as you might also know, I am a Chichiri fangirl. No, not rabid (not quite) but a darned passionate one. So here's the twist - I found my second favorite Seishi. CHIRIKO! Ya know ya love him! He's the kawaiiest little thing, and he's so noble. And the instant he hits 16, he is sooo hoooot...*drool* (In case you think I'm crazy, I'm not. Yuu Watase drew a sketch of him at 16 in her freetalk section. And he is oh-so drool-worthy. Mmm.) *looks at the puddles of drool on the floor* Talking about Chichiri and 16-year-old Chiriko are making my floor icky...see everybody next month!

Okay, *takes a stop for air* email me, 'cause I am *always* bored and IMing or e-mails are very appreciated. From saying "hi" to "you suck" I like all e-mails or IMs. Except the sucking one, that was sort of my insanity taking flight. *blush*

So take care and keep in touch, na no da!

Current Projects: Mirror of Water -- one chapter up so far, but I'm working on the second. My fist serious fic, so I'm really proud. ^_^;
Gender Bending yeah..a chapter a week was my goal but now there's school! *cry*