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Reason for writing on this website: I write on this website and share my stories because all authors have to start somewhere. They normally don't wake up and say, "I want to be a writer," and then succeed. It just doesn't happen. So, Yes, I know I am a not the best author, but my plot lines are wonderful once you understand them (most are very complicated). So please bare with me and send me any advice you may have on a story.

Thank you.

Writing tips

Well I've become bored once again (Even though I know I should be writing for you guys)...Anyway I've decided to give some writing tips. Just like a list of things I do to help me write...Even though I know I'm not the best writer out there to give advice, I just thought some things I do could help other people as well.

n_n Enjoy.

1. Before writing, come up with a loose plotline. Throw around ideas, character names, and such, but don’t make any final decisions for a couple of weeks. Just because it’s a good idea for the plot does not always mean it will work. (Come up with a back up event just incase.

2. Find songs that go with the story. Maybe a couple of love songs will go with a couple in your story, or fast moving songs with a good beat for the battles…etc. Play these songs as you write. If you have a love scene coming up, play the love songs. Same with the battles and other events. Have some songs that are just generally similar to your story and play those as you write constantly. Not only does it help you get in the mood to write, but also blocks out all other sounds that may distract you. (Just make sure your phone is nearby so you don’t miss any important calls…I still have problems with that –nervously laughs to self-)

3. Make yourself comfortable. Wear loose clothes. (I normally wear sporty shorts and a t-shirt that’s too big for me…or my pajamas.) Have some water nearby or any other drink. (Coke all the way! . ) Also maybe a small snack but not too much junk food. You don’t want to gain weight. Maybe a small bag of chips or an apple, something like that.

More to come!

Come talk to me on http:///

Username: Musra

(Just send me an PM saying that you are a reader)

Email me anytime. I will answer anyquestion that doesn't have to do with pairings or mysterious characters but other then that I'll answer them

Feel free to send me a story you want me to read. I will read every story and review.

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