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Yo everyone! I'm Zeek the Bard! I've decided to take a little time to actually write down some things about me and my stories. To start off I'm 20 right now, but I'll say this straight: English isn't my first language, so reading my stories you'll probably have to bare with some grammar problems. Sorry for that in advance.

As for stories: I usually look for some action/adventure ones (if it's a fantasy one then it's a bonus), but I don't mind good comedy or horror. And most importantly I don't enjoy a simple 'beat them all'. I always hope to find some depth in a story, that a character has more of a reason to do something, instead of 'just because'. That is also how I try to make my stories. Currently I have one on my profile, but if things go well, the number would grow a bit over time.


This is a story of a young boy named Arkin, who always dreamed of becoming an adventure hunter, much like his idol, Bowen, who along with his team used to visit Arkin's hometown. After a lot of training, the boy finally left the village to seek his own legend. Fate will place a lot of obstacles on his way, however during his struggles he won't be alone. Besides tens of enemies, he'll also find friends along the way, sometimes even people who aren't adventure hunters by nature. And every one of them has their own dream in fulfilling which they're ready to surpass their own limits. Through many battles and adventures, this tiny group of people will try to write down their names in the world's history. But will they manage to succeed?

Genre: action/adventure, fantasy, drama with humor and romance elements

Story arc: The beginning (chapters 1-2)

A warrior and a priestess (chapters 3-??)

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