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About Me

Real Name: Edward Corena-Osorio

Nicknames: Eddie or Raven (stage name for my band)

Age: 19

Location: California

Heritage: Salvadorean

Bands: Emperor, Cradle of Filth, Dimmu Borgir, Mayhem, Catamenia, Arch Enemy, The 69 Eyes, Angtoria, Lacuna Coil, Theatres Des Vampires, Lamb of God, Slipknot, Marilyn Manson, Deicide, Cannibal Corpse, God Forbid, All That Remains, Still Remains, Bleeding Through, Emmure, Diecast, Mudvayne, Nothingface, Children of Bodom, The Agony Scene, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, As I Lay Dying, Bury Your Dead, 3 Inches of Blood, Fear Factory, The Haunted, I Am Ghost, and Kittie.

Movies: The Crow, Star Wars (i love Star Wars), LOTR, Underworld, Underworld Evolution, The Omen (new one, but its the same than the original), Hellraiser (master of horror), Clerks, Clerks II, The Matrix Trilogy, Jackass, Jackass II, Cradle of Fear (pretty good for a very low budgeted movie), Saw, Saw II, Saw III, X-Men, X-Men II, X-Men III, Spider Man, Spider Man II, RENT, Corpse Bride, The Nightmare Before Christmas, Pirates of The Carribean 1 & 2, Sleepy Hollow, Hostel, and so on.

Background Information: I started to write during October of '06, originally i thought writing sucked, but i grew into it. the person i look up to is Marilyn Manson. he i heard of, but when i read his book "The Long Hard Road Out of Hell", i was in awe with his book and his life. Since then i've grown more curious about not only his music, but a new way of living; i've exposed myself to many things, from smoking and drinking to even heavy metal (which i love to this day). met people here and there, and opened my mind to many things, but also have my opinions on certain matters as well, mainly religion and politics. but i try to stay clear of that, otherwise extremists will hunt me down and kill me in His "holy" name. now, i've changed and now i'm setting up new things for my self and my writing to come...

Books: I don't read too much books, but i do read about some occults like The Satanic Bible, Satanic Rituals, Lucifer Rising.

Favorite Pieces: Damnation to The Blade of Love, The Castle Night Murder, The Hunter and The Wind Mistress, and A Rose From The Grave.

Influences: Edgar Allen Poe, Dani Filth A.K.A Dani Davey from Cradle of Filth, and my experiences

Countries to visit: Norway, Great Britian, Germany, El Salvador, and maybe Japan.


Well, i've been away for so long, and i haven't even written a new piece yet... that sucks, but don't worry, i'm sure something will turn up, now, i've graduated from high school now, and i'm in a band, so i've been busy with that (rhythm guitar). so hopefully, i'll have something new for you within the winter or fall.

-Lucifer Levithan

Lucifer Leviathan's Interpetation

August 27 2007

well, if you read my update section, you know what's happening somewhat. but now, i want to do something a little different here. now i want you as a reader--and think about this too--to read every single piece i have... too long to do huh? well, i'll make it simple:

so, my first three pieces As I Wake Up, A Dragon I Became, and The Gateway To Hell, are dark and depressing? you follow..? good, if not you'll see where i'm getting at..

and my next batch of poems, Damnation to The Blade of Love, Imprisonment, The Venus Tale, Through Torture I Died, and Lucifer Leviathan. they're dark too, but more with some type of meaning which it's vague i know, but you get what i'm saying (if not, it's not your fault), and my pieces were more visual than my last 3.

now, here's where the change happens; my next batches of SHORT stories, The Lost Wolf, The Vampyric Tale, and The Hunter and The Wind Mistress. my first short story wasn't thought out complete, but later my stories were great. more epic then meaning sometimes, it also had a gothic feel as well.

and my last 5, Under Great Diana's Eye, Lunar Enchantment, A Vampire's Fantasy, The Unholy Ritual, and The Shadow's Aria. Under Great Diana's Eye was my very first (hopefully not last) song i written, which a couple of people said it was good or ok. Lunar Enchantment and A Vampire's Fantasy are short and vague poems. and this is where all three of them are made up, The Shadow's Aria and The Unholy Ritual having that very dark feel which is like a horror tale, which in essences they are.

so, progression happened, if you didn't catch any of this that's alright, point being that through out my writing it was all progressive, always something new and mixed with the old. honoring the old and the new per se.

that's for tonight (yeah, it's 3:50AM where i'm at and i'm still awake o.O), expect a piece coming soon...

-Lucifer Leviathan

April 15 2007

well, my spring break is coming to an end, it went by pretty fast though, anyways, at the top of my profile, i put in bold and underline that if you're here to read any of my pieces, please review, if not than take your leave. i mean really, i read other people's writing and hoping they'll do the same, some do, but most don't. i'll stop here, because i'll rant on about this, the next pieces will be dicussiing about:

The Shadow's Aria

The Shadow's Aria, was a last minute idea for a project for my creative writing class. it's a tale being told about a Queen who wanted the heavens to kneel before her, but the Heaven's is busying with all the souls coming in really fast. basically the concept "dealing with the devil" comes to play, and which ulimately leads to her death. now, there's a message to this--of course Karma's the main message--but more importantly, that everything you do, every choice you make good or bad, has a consequence. much like bountys, the more dangerous they are, the more money that is offered, and more bounty hunters to come. it's a great story, but i've set the Rating to Teen (T), because it's violent.

The Unholy Ritual

The Unholy Ritual i wrote because of... well, it's hard to say, lets just say that i kind of went violent on someone, and i decided to write it on paper. if you read it, the ritual is conducted in the ancient city of Babylon, and if you paid attention to your ancient history class or read in the Book of Revelations, the Babylonian Empire was a city that was always constant changes of emperors and war. but in the Revelations, Babylon is known for "confusion"--which i've brought up in the end--and the middle disaster struck (literally), the people whom were performing the ritual got killed first, and then the priests were killed as well. Revelation is an interesting thing to read, but it gets one thinking, if Revelation is upon us (just something to think about).

A Vampire's Fantasy

Honestly i was just making this up, i thought to it as a joke, but with a little bit more work, it came out pretty good. it's three Haikus into one poem. although it wasn't something serious, so you can say what ever you want about it, because it wasn't nothing serious.

That's all there is to my writing, you'll be expecting a new piece coming very soon...

-Lucifer Leviathan

Mar. 23 2007

Back again, and now i'm moving forward with my band and my senior project; although i've be behind on my writing, i'm actually working on a piece, it's from creative writing, so i hope to post it soon. now, which pieces i shall now discuss about today...

Under Great Diana's Eye

Under Great Diana's Eye, well this piece was very random to be honest. to be even more truthful this came out of the Moon descrpition i did in creative writing, and i know in the Romans worship Diana (the Moon goddess, and a Huntress). so i expand on that thought and turned it into what it is: Lyrics for my band. now i know it's in story format, but a lot black metal band like Emperor put stories in their songs (any Emperor fans whom are reading this whould know what i speak of), and we know the Moon is a symbol of romance, and well the full moon is out that makes a perfect romantic way to make out, and possibly... wait too in depth i forgot kids are present _ (i know, i suck with the little face typing thing).

Lunar Enchantment

Lunar Enchantment is a small made up spell i made, since i've been interested into the Paganism thing, i thought why not, and i've never been so surprised about the info i got... but anyways, it's very short but i'm thinking to use this as an intro to a demo for my band i don't know yet... but other then that it's pretty sweet.

that's it for today, yes i know disappointed but you know what? life is full of disappointments. and now take your leave.

-Lucifer Leviathan

Mar. 11, 2007

well, i'm back again, and an entire month i've missed out on a chance to do this. i've been busy with school work that is require to complete in order for me to graduate from high school. and on my free time i've been looking for people to start a band, so it's crazy. anyways, since i've been out for so long, i'll do three interpetations of my work today.

The Hunter and the Wind Mistress

The Hunter and the Wind Mistress, this piece was created while listening to Cradle of Filth's Her Ghost In The Fog (great song, for new fans to Cradle), and this story takes place in a village in a forest. basically what someone told me that this story is "like cinderella gone bad but in a good way" and we all here of the classic house girl can't go to the royal ball and etc. although this piece to me, seems a bit more story telling to when it tries to live to it counter part piece The Castle Night Murder, i say that because same format, only The Castle Night Murder piece has more imagery than this one (read them both and you'll the idea). also, this piece has been re-edited for video production (a project for creative writing); but other than that, this is one of my personal favorites and i strongly recommend reading this piece, i love working on it and readers love it.

The Vampyric Tale

A Vampyric Story Part 1 (Fresh Blood For the Weary) is a story that's told by a vampire named Arcturus, that whom falls in love with another vampire that is out side of the convent that Arcturus's in. now, this is more how society works in a way, or how racism takes it toll as well. some people are ok with mixing race, but when it come to racist people thats a totally different story. tainting the bloodline of the family, having a hispanic, black, asian etc. in the family that's majority one race, in a way that how families get split apart and again not saying this happens all the time, but saying it happens to most kids, and even get those that actually blame their child, mate, etc. because of their race/ethics whatever. so in this piece i sort of put that into prospective with the story, and it get a little messy as well. it's a great story, and i was asked when i'll be working on a sequel to this, which i did:

A Vampyric Story part 2 (Vengeance and Atrocity) is the conclusion part to the first story, only this time its about several years later, Arcturus's son Lucifer takes up the narrative role. now as the tile states, Vengeance is in play for this piece, and it's only done to clean the Atrocity that is of convent abide by. now again the whole racism issue plays here, only this time the morale "Revenge is a dish best served cold" plays a role here. and with revenge comes a great price, whether is ones own life or another's life, and with karma it'll all come back to you. and when your fueled with the only thought of vengeance, you disregrad the fact that you'll be killing your family member that did the killing. also, i put into prospective is the breaking of traditions, some traditions are meant to be broken whether now or later. look at the traditions of ancient civilizations, they've been stopped because they're considered too extreme. overall, this tale is pretty well thought out, and i think it one of my best 2 part stories i've written (aside from the Venus tale).

The Castle Night Murder (A White Rose for the Fallen Bride)

The Castle Night Murder is a story taken place in a palace and the headmaster falls in love with a complete stranger and already thinking of marrying her. and that same night she was murder by bandits that just happened to get in; one thing i want to mention is this piece doesn't live up to the same format as The Hunter and the Wind Mistress, reason being is that this piece relates to certain events in my life. like the headmaster meeting the girl and romance happened, the bandits taking advantage of the headmaster's absence, the death of his love etc. its a bit sad yes, but sometimes things happen and we sometimes can't stop it. so, nothing too special about this piece only the fact that i put events in my life into prospective. and if your wondering how i got the title, it just so happened i bought "Castlevania: Lament of Innocence" for PS2, it was awesome in my opinion, so i decided to write something similar to it, also i was listening to "A Gothic Romance (Red Roses For The Devils Whore)" by Cradle of Filth (old song of them, really good) while writing this piece.

so, that's it for today, i hope you learned something from me, and now take your leave.

-Lucifer Leviathan

Feb. 03, 2007

Another entry for my interpetation, now this entry might be a little shorter than the last one mind you, so don't get too upset about it. Now the next piece I'll Interpet for you is "The Lost Wolf"

The Lost Wolf

The Lost Wolf, this piece was the beginning for me as a short story writer, a transition so to speak. If you read this piece already you might of noticed that theirs a lack of details into it (if you didn't read it, then i suggest you read it first then coming back here and reading this). reason being that happened, is because i didn't know how to make it into good details for my first short story (call it whatever you want). Now, the story it self two lives are at stake, one a human and the other an animal, now i always asked this my self: Who would i save first? the boy or the wolf? Also, the Wolf was used as a scapegoat so that the boy could live. kind of interesting huh? lame i know, oh! another thing, if you read "Damnation to The Blade of Love" you'll noticed when you first start to read it, that the boy being slashed by a blade, that's tied to that poem. just to make it interesting (i thought it was).

Well, thats it for today, again I'll try to do this more often. One thing, if for some reason you noticed a change in any of my writing, that's because I'm going back through my old writing, and revising all of my writing, and some I'll leave alone. Otherwise, most of them will be revised.

-Lucifer Leviathan

Jan. 29, 2007

Hello, this is used for those reader whom are stopping by and are curious about my writing. before i start analyzing my work for you, i want to say, that these are old, and i may or may not see the same way prior to what I'm subliminally trying to state. and this is for readers that are in need of some guidance for that. at any rate, I'll begin with my oldest of work, starting with what's in the "Satan's Poem Collection Vol.1"

As I Wake Up

As I Wake Up was as mention in the poem collection my first of many to come masterpiece. though short, its without a doubt pretty disturbing (if you've already read it), though the main reason i wrote it, is because i believe in someone's point in their lives, they feel an unexpected change; like you can't be same person as you once were. maybe because of a major event, who knows; but one thing is for certain, is that this poem is saying that change with come in the most unexpected ways, like an Earthquake, you know it happens, but can't predict it.

A Dragon I Became

A Dragon I Became, well, to be honest it was a random poem to start with. I say that because nothing too big happened to me, until i thought about it more. It's basically comparing a powerful mythical beast The Dragon, to my self, basically saying that you can be powerful almost god-like on the outside, but deep down, you know you might feel remorseful about something that you may have done.

The Gateway to Hell

The Gateway to Hell, this one is quite interesting when i look back on it. This is basically a change from my old self--a follower of Christ--and now on the left hand of faith. But also, saying that I can make my own decisions without the approval of a book that's basically a fable. In this piece, I'm not trying to revert someone from Christianity to my religion, no no. What I'm basically saying is that one must make his/her own decisions without being hold back by religious rules, beliefs, etc.

Damnation to The Blade of Love

Damnation to The Blade of Love, I personally called it my "the best of all of my writing". Because of the emotion put into it, and the wording I've used. In this piece I used symbolism, the Blade (if you heard the term "it's like a double-edged sword, if one side don't get you, the other will") represents love, one side you fall in love, and the other will more likely be rejection if your not too careful. And if you relate to this, then I've done my part as a writer, if not, well, I'll work on it. Anyways, that's my poor interpetation of my best piece.

Through Torture I Died

Through Torture I Died, hehehe... I never thought it go so well, in a good way i meant. See, what happened, is that in my mind, I was thinking about all the pain and suffering I went through in my past life. Though I thought it come out a bit violent than I expected. nonetheless, it's a good poem, just it's something i wouldn't recommend reading it, if you're really depressed.


Imprisonment, I wouldn't go into too much detail, for personal reasons, but to clear some things first. This poem isn't for reverting someone or converting people, that being said. I was listening to "Hallowed Be Thy Name" by Iron Maiden gave me an idea for a poem, really it's a good poem to read, just don't get any wrong ideas about my views on religion.

The Venus Tale

Venus Pt.1 is basically describing the perfect girl, from the body, hair, even her personality and soul. And in the end, realizing that she isn't real. Venus Pt.2 is going on how she can't be real, but also arguing why can't she be real, why this why that, it's like today's men and women looking for the right mate to maybe settle down with. Although not many of us realize what we want; regradless we as human being always ask the same question: Why?

Lucifer Leviathan

Lucifer Leviathan, the self-titled poem is basically a summary of my life. From birth to present date (on the writing), and the death of an old life, to a new life. that's all for that.

The Heavy Burden & An Aging Friend

these two, were just added bonuses to the collection. Although has nothing to do with me, more towards someone in particular. The Heavy Burden was to tell a friend that I'm their for her in hard times, and An Aging Friend is pretty much saying what changes she/he might expected after their birthday.

And their you have it, if you read this far, you must have no life (just kidding). If you really learn something for this, then I'll continue with the analysis for you, or to guide you to what I'm trying to say, if you just read this just to get a summary of my writing, your wasting your time. And not putting any effort into reading my writing. I'll do more Interpetations for you (the readers) and only read them if you read my writing and haven't gotten any idea of what the devil I'm saying, then read these, they'll help you if not a little bit. So Enjoy, read my other writings, and I'll try (key word 'try') to keep up with interpetations for you (the readers).

-Lucifer Leviathan

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