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UPDATES: YAY! I finally have a website! Crucify My Love is now available in my website. Please feel free to drop by and visit it, it's not much yet... I'm still getting the hang of using it all but it would be great-- I promise you! Lemon chapters will definitely be there so watch out.

Anyway, I also finished writing "Heaven On Earth". I'm so happy! It was my first awarded fic and the fic that reached the 100 marks for me! Wai! Crucify My Love is also drawing to a close, so readers, please be kind and review. Also, please watch out for my upcoming YUKIRU fic, "Beyond Forgetting" and another S&M fic that is still untitled. I might be coming out with a fic co-authored by JC so keep you're eyes peeled coz this is Jo-chan signing on.

I am an anime freak... I would rather write, read books or indulge my anime soul than have a boyfriend... no, I am not bitter... I'm still a nice person though! still looking for pre-readers out there, a permanent one for my numerous fics.
For comments and suggestions, please email me at joan_g1014@. please readers, be kind enough to review a paranoid freak like me! =)

Here's an update of my bio:
I am huge fan of Ruruoni Kenshin, Card Captor Sakura, Fruits Basket, Inuyasha, Gatekeepers, Sakura Wars, Gensomaden Saiyuki and Slamdunk... actually, there's more but I only included the anime where I have my fics archived. ^_^

Favorite Pairings:
1. Kenshin and Kaoru (RK)
2. Sakura and Syaoran (CCS)
3. Aoshi and Misao (RK)
4. Yuki and Tohru (Furuba) *wai! holds up banner*
5. Sango and Miroku (Inuyasha) *my latest fave and current obsession!*
6. Hakkai and Yaone (Gensomaden)
7. Eriol and Tomoyo (CCS)
8. Ryota and Ayako (SD)
9. Sakura and Ohgami (SW)
10. Ruriko and Syun (GK)

Yes, I'm a waff/romance buff... isn't it obvious? ^_^ But I do write serious stories and some angst, I have yet to undertake writing an fanfiction whose category falls under horror.

I live in the Philippines (yes, I'm a Filipino) and I'm currently a college sophomore. I love to write, read, and listen to music. I'm currently a feature writer for our university publication but I would be giving up that position because I'll be joining a radio station instead (what radio station-- WAVE 89.1)!