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for my story/s that i am writing i wont be posting for a while because i will be wrting the whole thing and wont be posting chapters till the story is finished. i work better if i just write until i have no more ideas or i am finished with the story. so i don't know when my next update will be.

so until then. sorry you guys have to wait.

oh! i love reviews ooon my stories so if you read my story please review! but please no flammers!


the last word 2

ok ok ok i know i really should be working on my other stories but here are some i might be putting on the cite:

Blood and money: Mari is a bounty hunter and a good one at that, she one of the most reared because no one that she has ever set her sights out for has come out of it alive. That is until a king offers her 1,000 gold pieces for her to capture a man that is rampaging around his kingdom, but he doesn't want to man dead he wants it alive and to be brought to him. Mari is confident when she enters this engagement, she soon finds out that some captives can be something more then money...

love and hate a fine line: an ex-slayer finally has a chance at a normal life. she gets to go to a normal college with normal poeple. at least that is what she thinks. she is going to the same college as the 'royal three'. Normalcy can't happen when one of the three makes her his new prey.

werewolf god ( i need a better title): a young girl, in love with the myth and legends of vampires and werewolf indecently stumbles across an amulet. with a stroke of luck she opens what can't be opens and is sent up to where her dreams and nightmares live. what strange and wonderful things will happen when she meets the werewolf king?

devils test: Maya is a stone cold angle, never showing her emotions. because of this god sends he down to hell to do the annual 1,000 year review on hell. except a spell is about to make this trip to where the bad boys play way more interesting, especially since the brothers have seducing a woman down to an art.

africa: emily is a were mountain lion, a strong one at that. the alpha is crazy and thinks she is his mate. a rival mountain lion is trying to take her land. to make things worse she has an exchange student from Africa with an odd demeanor is coming to stay at her house.

so what do you think? you can give me your feed back by emailing me at or click the link has 'email' in blue or you could tell what you think about them by reviewing my other stories (just a suggestion wink, wink

i am putting all my stories on hold right now. once i finish this next piece, i will work on all the other stories but right now i have no inspiration for anyother story besides this new one i am currently working one. sorry for the people who want me to update my other stories. if i try to write anything on them it will be crap and i want to put all my effort into one story at a time rather then four or five. sorry again for the wait!!

ok so as you all know i haven't updated in a while. SORRY!!! life severly got in the way. but plan to start working on my stories again soon. there might be a few changes here and there but i pretty much will leave the stories as they are and continue from there. Thanks for your patience!!

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