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Hello there,

My name is Marc J. Smith, but you may know me as Divine-Insanity.

I'm 17.

My Writing Career On FictionPress:

I've mainly worked in short stories so far, here is a complete list of my published work:

Beneath The Bridge (Completed)

Button-Eyes (Completed)

Fabulous (Completed)

Witch Brew (Completed)

Room 17 (Completed)

Drop Dead Anne (Completed)

Migraine (Completed)

Raven Manor (Completed) NOTE: It was originally known as "Raven-Top Mountain" but I changed the name after completion.

Home (In Progress)

Upcoming Stories:

Raven Mountain: Sequel to "Raven Manor"

My Style Of Writing:

I am a horror writer at heart, but I have been known to slip into the odd Sci-Fi or Thriller every now and then. I love to leave things to the audiences imagination, it is much more fun for me to write. Overall, I am a person who loves to write dark and gore filled horror.

My Trademarks In Writing:

Not sure if many have you have noticed these few things weaved through my stories, but as the title says, they are my trademarks, you will notice most of these in each of my stories:

- People wearing Stilettos

- Numerous references to Rock/Metals bands and songs.

- Numerous horror movie references

- Numerous Rocky Horror Show references

- Names of characters being based upon characters from horror movies

- Blood dripping from above

My Inspirations:

- John Carpenter

- Wes Craven

- Dario Argento

- Slasher movies

- Cult movies

- B-Movies

- Cheesy 80's horror movies.

- Rob Zombie

- Alice Cooper

All About Me:

My Favourite Movies:

The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Shock Treatment

Halloween 1-8

Friday The 13th 1-10

A Nightmare On Elm Street 1-7

House Of 1000 Corpses

The Devil's Rejects




Elvira, Mistress of the Dark

Switchblade Romance

Repo! The Genetic Opera

My Favourite Music:

Rob Zombie

White Zombie

Alice Cooper


Marilyn Manson

Wednesday 13


Bullet For My Valentine

King Diamond

Mercyful Fate

The Cure

Mindless Self Indulgence

My Favourite Authors & Books:

Stephen King - IT, Carrie, Dolores Claiborne, Misery

James Herbert - The Rats, Moon

Dean Koontz - Tick-Tock

J.K Rowling - Harry Potter 1-6

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Richard had waited forever for this night, and it was surely going to be one he'd remember for a very long time.
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Jason is idly sat in a Maths lesson when he is suddenly summoned home. He has been given no reason why, he is just bundled into a taxi and sent home, unaware of the horror waiting for him once he gets there. Chapter 3 coming soon!
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The pain was unbearable, it was unreal, it felt as if my head was being crushed...Maybe I was right? A brand new short story by me, partly inspired by my good friend Craig :]
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A brutal story of revenge, desicration and death. I hope you all like this, it's a small tribute to my friends, read and review :D
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Marc and Anthea decide to investigate the infamous site where Liam Goodwin commited his brutal murders, although they find more than they expected. A bit of a lazy effort I'll admit, but it's my final short story for a while, read and review :D
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One of the most famous pop stars in the world is trapped in her own home, with a derranged fan with a killer instinct. Loosely based on a true story about a horror actress. Please read and review!
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Hollie Boyer had always feared HER, so she locked HER away when she was little, but now she has released HER once again...Is Button Eyes really dangerous, or is it all in Hollie's mind? My second short story, read and review please :P
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On the moon drenched night when Casey Strode had missed the last bus and had to walk home, she didn't expect to meet an unspeakable evil as she took a detour below the dreaded Haywood Bridge...This is my first short story, read & review please people!
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