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To anyone who has come across this profile: I haven't used this site for about a decade. I just logged in today on a whim and found my cringey profile. I decided to partially dismantle it and take out all the parts that are no longer relevant. I also changed my username to make myself harder to find. So if you found me here, you get an invisible trophy. Congratulations.

Hi, I'm Keba. Actually, my Pen Name is KebaFox, because the name "Keba" was already taken by a person who didn't even use their account. How unfair! Some of you might know me on as Keba (without Fox). Now, don't dismiss me because I'm also on Personally, I just think fan fiction is harmless fun-- not "blasphemy" as some of you stuck-up people call it. Yeah, there are a lot of bad fan fics out there, but there are a lot of bad original works out there, too. The biggest difference is that bad original works can still get published (and they do!) while fan fics just stay on fan fiction sites. But enough about fan fiction. Let's talk about me!

Let me tell you about myself with some quick stats!
Name: KebaFox
Sex: Female
Age: Probably older than you
Birthday: December 25
Height: 5ft 3in
Weight: I'm not telling. Ha-ha!
Hair: Brown and curly
Eyes: My left eye is more blue and my right eye is more hazel. Creepy, huh?
Location: USA (North of Chicago)

Stories (actually it's just one, so far)
My first story is called "Destination" and it has a manga flavor to it, so it's in the "Manga" category. "Destination" is what I like to call an "autobiography of my feelings". It's a very personal story, and you might find out more about me by reading it. The main character is a fox demon named Keba. (Don't think of me writing myself into the story. Think of it as me taking the name of the character to use as my own.) Keba is being hunted by a dark demon who killed Keba's parents. She has been on the run for 10 years and is lonely. She does not know why the dark demon is chasing her or how to escape. Help comes in the form of a human who was told by a heavenly being to protect Keba. Keba and this human have to work together to dispel the dark demon, but first they have to learn to trust each other.

Note: Although I haven't updated since May of 2007, I haven't given up on "Destination". It's just that I've been very busy these past couple months.

Here are my interests:
My one love is rock music. I like a lot of different kinds of rock. I don't just buy CDs-- I pledge alligence to the band. I'm not listing my favorites just yet because I bet you'll make fun of me. I don't necessarily like a band because it's popular. I like what I think sounds good.

Because I love music so much, I want to become a singer. And any singer has to write songs in order to have credibility. I enjoy writing song lyrics and I'm collaborating on instrumental parts. I'm trying to get a band together. I've wanted a band for years now, and I don't even have any band mates (my guitarist resigned). Yeah, I know it's a stupid dream to want to be a rock singer, but it's MY stupid dream.

One of my favorite hobbies is drawing. I draw anime characters an my own anime-like original characters. And the members of my favorite band.

An explanation of my avatar:
Yeah, I posted one of my manga-like drawings. I know I've lost all street cred, now. If you're wondering that's an old drawing of Keba (the character, not me).

And now, a final note:
I am shy as heck. As much as I like getting hits and reviews, it might be some time before you get a response from me. I have to work up a lot of guts to read those reviews because I know I'm not going to get just strict praise. I've noticed that people on are a lot more serious about their work than people on are, so the former are more likely to give more intense reviews than the latter. Although I'm shy about reading reviews for fear of what they may contain, I don't want a review that just says, "great story". I want an in-depth review. Still, I don't want flames, which are far different from constructive criticism. Constructive criticism gives writers an idea of what they could improve upon. Flames just say how bad the story is and they are not helpful in the least. In fact, they're a big blow to my confidence. Luckily I haven't encountered any flamers on this site, so far. I hope it stays that way.

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