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Marilyn Stabs is the alter ego of a certain Miss 'M' (name withheld for author's safety). Although they occupy the same body, Stabs and M are two completely different people. M on one hand, is horribly afraid of lightning and distrusts thin lipped people. While, lazy, she tends to at least tries to get things done. Marilyn, on the other hand, is lethargic, irresponsible and is chronically late. She consumes nothing but coffee and tea and would probably chain smoke cigars if M let her. She isn’t shy, but tends to keep mostly to herself for reason’s unknown to M, but M suspects Marilyn may be on the run from the German military. Despite quirks in her personality, Marilyn is (at least she thinks so) a fantastic writer. She pops in on M whenever creativity strikes and keeps M up all night rattling off stories, meanwhile M slaves away in front of the computer. Despite all this, M really does enjoy Marilyn’s company, on time or not, and would like to invite her to tea tonight, if she can get a hold of her.

For those of you who are now intrigued with Miss Stabs (and M) , she's got a new online diary sort of deal on '' under the user name 'kittenxmmx;, so check it out! E-mail her if you have any comments or suggestions about what she should do with her life at KittenXmmX@!

UPDATE: i changed my joyrnal to a site called because I liked the format better. I saw another writer on this site who has one there and was impressed. So I'm now at /~kittenxmmx, so check it out pleeeaaase. And leave comments. I love comments. There's even a tiny tiny picture of me up, although it's not very clear because of the size, and on the account of I dyed it pink. I may change it soon.

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