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A few things about me. I'm a teacher, which currently takes up more of my time than I'd like. I've always loved to read, and discovered a few years ago that I love to write too! Historical Romance Fiction is my specialty in both writing and reading. I really appreciate reviews, as they help me in developing my writing, I know it's not great, and I want to make it better! Here are the stories I've finished and am working on now...

Between Lines - - Complete

The story of Abigail Whitney, a daughter of the revolution who becomes more than confused when a handsome British soldier walks into her home, and her life. She struggles with feelings of love and loyalty, and doesn't quite know how to honor both between the lines of the war.

Finding Grey - - Complete

Maggie Lawton, a rich spoiled brat in England is oblivious to the world around her, completely oblivious to the Great War that is exploding around her. When she is called shallow and worthless by her best friend, her picture perfect world seems unimportant. Maggie goes through a journey of self discovery, hoping to find meaning and purpose for her life. On the journey, she promises to write a soldier, Grey Mansfield, and finds herself falling in love with him. When he goes MIA, her life shatters again, will she find herself on the road to finding Grey?

Deceptive Vows - - Complete

France is occupied by the Nazi’s and Klara and Grandmere are helping to run Allied soldiers across the border. When they are inspected by Nazi’s late one night, Klara doesn’t realize the danger, but Jack, a Nazi soldier with Allied sentiments does. The following day, he begs her to stop whatever she’s doing, and when she refuses, he offers to help in the only way he can, by marrying her. Their vows, meant to deceive the Nazi’s, enable them to continue their work. But as Klara and Jack play "house" who is really being deceived?

Captivated - - Complete

Lilli is innocent and sweet, and finds herself swept off her feet when she meets Private Joe Sinclair on his last night in the states before being shipped to Europe during WW2. She promises to write to him, and falls more and more in love with each new envelope she recieves. When a person she wasn't expecting returns home, will she be able to forgive, forget and love? Or will she close the door on someone who could very possibly, offer her all she ever wanted?

Winchester - - Complete

Audra and Olivia Dillon are priviledged women in 1914, but they don't always act like it. Despite having money and family, they spends their time at The Winchester Home for Children instead of socializing with those in their circle. Not caring what anyone thinks of volunteering, they throw their lives and love into those orphans who stayed at the Winchester. Both girls face frustration, confusion, and pain as they learn to follow their hearts and fight for the young lives they have promised to protect. Will their duty to their small charges hinder their finding love of a different kind?

Treasured - - Complete

(Reading Winchester is not a prerequisite for the sequel.)

After a devastating loss, Tessa Evans is left to raise her three younger siblings. The depression forces them to a shanty, where they live from meal to meal, unable to provide for simple necessities. Circumstances lead the Evans family to Dr. Parker Sullivan, a man who is willing to take any patient, despite their inability to pay. But, Dr. Sullivan and his family offer more than medical help. Tessa and her siblings are showered with support, friendship and love, the very things they’ve been missing for three years. Will the circumstances that led Tessa to Parker and his family, keep her from following her heart?

Worth Waiting For - - Complete

Miranda Carmichael is looking for a husband, and she’s getting desperate. With the end of the Civil War and the rumored gold in her hometown, Cottonwood, California, young men are everywhere, but none of them seem interested in Miranda. After four years of searching for a man to settle down with, her standards have fallen so low that not even being in love matters anymore. All she needs is a man who’s willing to marry her and let her start the family she’s always dreamed of. When she finally feels herself getting close to a young banker new to town, an old crush threatens to ruin everything. Will she settle for the life she’s always wanted with a man she’ll never love? Or risk it all for the man she’s always loved that left her broken hearted once before?

An Unexpected Journey - - In progress

It seemed that moving to California was the only way to avoid the War Between States, so that is what the Robinson family decided to do. Now Ella is stuck in the West, living a life that is completely different from her own socially appropriate ways of the East. While in California, she is re-introduced to the little boy who stole her heart at four years of age, who now finds her silly, ridiculous and useless. With grungy men begging for her hand in marriage, and more chores than she knows what to do with, Ella strives to make the best of her new life for her family’s sake and her own sanity. Can her determination and strength see her through a life of unknowns?

Reviews are greatly appreciated! They are and encouragement and motivation to keep writing. Even just a thumbs up or a thumbs down at the end of the chapter is helpful! I hope you enjoy!

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Worth Waiting For reviews
Miranda is looking for a husband, and she’s getting desperate. Will she settle for a life she's always wanted with a man she'll never love? Or risk it all for the mans she's always loved that left her broken hearted once before? Full summary on profile!
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